Shape your own sound

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Why musicians still have to adapt their playing to their equipment?


SYOS is the first instrument maker to help musicians finding their own sound identity by providing them with custom mouthpieces that fit their playing characteristics as well as their desired sound aesthetics.


Optimal quality

Thanks to science, SYOS mouthpieces are acoustically optimized, which gives you a perfect intonation, accuracy and homogeneity in all the registers.

Custom sound

What is your favorite sound aesthetics: Dark or bright? Soft or powerful? Centered or flexible?

Fully compatible

Works with any type of saxophone from tenor to soprano. The models of your ligature and reeds is taken into account in your mouthpiece creation.

Available in 10 colours.


The science of sound


Science at the service of musicians

Innovations in the field of musical instruments in the last century were mostly focused on electronic music. Pauline and Maxime, two researchers and musicians passionate about acoustics, created SYOS (Shape Your Own Sound) in order to bring innovation in the making of acoustic instruments.


A new way to design instruments

Pauline and Maxime noticed that today, few musical instruments are really optimized, that's why they decided to imagine a creative method based on a scientific approach to musical instruments, and especially on acoustic and psychoacoustic studies. This leads to innovative instruments that are closer to the musicians' expectations.



They play SYOS mouthpieces



Listen to Sylvain Rifflet playong on his SYOS mouthpiece ! Other vidéos are available on our ambassadors' webpages.

A custom geometry, 1/100 mm accurate!

For wind instruments, the sound is shaped by the internal geometry of the instrument, not by the material in which the instrument is made. The material used to create SYOS mouthpieces is the ABS plastic. We use 3D printing to make the mouthpieces ourselves, which allow us to:

  • Design a unique mouthpiece for each musician
  • Reach an accuracy superior to 1/100 mm
  • Craft mouthpieces that are 100% reproducible

The ABS we use to create SYOS mouthpieces has been certified non-toxical (EN 71 and CE 1907/2006 standards) in laboratory. All our mouthpieces are designed and created in our workshop in Paris.



Your mouthpiece design in three steps


Define your sound

What kind of saxophonist are you? Answer a few simple questions to tell us what kind of sound you are looking for and your style of play. The answers to these questions determine the shape of the mouthpiece.




Receive the mouthpiece

We make a unique mouthpiece geometry for you, that fit your expectations. Receive the mouthpiece at home and take your time to try it out and decide what works and what doesn't.


Adjust to perfection

You can send your mouthpiece back: we adjust the shape of the mouthpiece to correct the sound and fit based on your feedback, until it's perfect. With SYOS, there is no deception!

299€ shipping included, unlimited adjustments.

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Featured press

Pauline Eveno have been seducing for several months (almost) all french saxophone players.
After years of research, SYOS startup offer a new solution to improve the way of playing an instrument. And who knows if it is not the creation itself that will benefit from that revolution.
I know that have special requests in terms of sound [...] and for once, I got an immediate and precise answer [from SYOS] to the requests I had.
— Samy Thiébault
She doesn’t shut up the musicians, it’s quite the opposite: she offers them mouthpieces which unleash their creativity.

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