Listen to Sylvain Rifflet playong on his SYOS mouthpiece ! Other vidéos are available on our ambassadors' webpages.

A custom geometry, 1/100 mm accurate!

For wind instruments, the sound is shaped by the internal geometry of the instrument, not by the material in which the instrument is made. The material used to create SYOS mouthpieces is the ABS plastic. We use 3D printing to make the mouthpieces ourselves, which allow us to:

  • Design a unique mouthpiece for each musician
  • Reach an accuracy superior to 1/100 mm
  • Craft mouthpieces that are 100% reproducible

The ABS we use to create SYOS mouthpieces has been certified non-toxical (EN 71 and CE 1907/2006 standards) in laboratory. All our mouthpieces are designed and created in our workshop in Paris.