Who are we ?



PhD in acoustics

Pauline is passionate about the acoustics of musical instruments. Shed id her PhD at Ircam in Paris, in collaboration with the Acoustics Laboratory of Université du Maine - CNRS (Le Mans)working on a project aiming at developing tools for helping instruments makers. Then she secured a post at McGill University in Canada where she pursued research on single reed instrument mouthpieces. Pauline is SYOS mouthpiece geometries designer.

  • Research domain: Acoustics
  • Instruments: Flute, Bass guitar and saxophone
  • Her favorite saxophone sound: the sound of Stan Getz, very soft, velvety and full of emotions...
  • Her favorite tunes: Re Run (Kamasi Washington), New Amsterdam (Moondog), and Lazarus (David Bowie with Donny McCaslin)

PhD in cognitive sciences

After four years of research at Ircam in Paris, Maxime joined SYOS to study the way saxophonists perceive the sound of their instrument, according to the different mouthpiece geometries. He did his PhD on the way people use words to describe auditory sensations related to environmental sounds. Maxime is also a jazz pianist and loves complex harmonies and weird rythms…

  • Research domain: Psychoacoustics
  • Instruments: Piano, Trumpet and accordion
  • His favorite saxophone sound: Definitely the sound of Paul Desmond! Very dark, very smooth and warm...
  • His favorite tunes: Whisper not (Benny Golson), Voyage (Kenny Barron), and of course the piano concerto of Edvard Grieg...