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    Awarded best innovation 2018 by La ville de Paris

    Bass clarinet mouthpieces

    Brought to you by the greatest musicians and designed collaboratively, the Signature Bass Clarinet mouthpiece by Syos enters the stage. The sound of our world-class ambassadors is in your hands.

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    Easier to play

    Whatever the tone you like, the Syos mouthpiece is always easy to play and responsive.

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    More in tune

    The acoustic optimization of the input impedance gives you the best pitch accuracy you can ever get with your saxophone.

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    Suited for your sound

    Our experts will help you choose or design a mouthpiece for the sound you want.

    The idea

    You want something dark and powerful? Or you prefer a bright and focused tone? The acoustics properties of the mouthpieces are determined by its internal shape. We shape the mouthpiece to shape the sound it gives you.

    The special signature edition

    Tivon Pennicott

    My Syos mouthpiece is uniquely comfortable for me. I can easily access my altissimo while also blowing through my low subtone notes with ease.

    Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

    My Syos mouthpiece helps give my sound tons of power and a thick core. It’s always super easy to play and helps me articulate clearly, even on fast lines!

    Yoann Boucher

    Syos is a fine combination of savoir-faire, quality and attentiveness to the musician's needs.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Custom mouthpieces, how is that even possible?

    Syos was founded by two researchers in acoustics. We studied both the physics of wind instruments and auditory perception (and especially the sound vocabulary), so we established relationships between sound characteristics and mouthpiece geometry elements (chamber, baffle, tip opening, etc…)

    How can you be sure that the mouthpiece will suit me?

    When you order a custom Syos mouthpiece, we use your answers from the questionnaire to design the most appropriate geometry for you. Once you have received the mouthpiece, you can test it for 30 days at home, in rehearsal, in concert… You can give us feedback that allows us to improve the mouthpiece if needed; to make it even more perfect. You’ll then receive a second version of the mouthpiece that you can test, etc… Last but not least, you’ll be helped by one of our acoustician experts during all the process!

    I’d like to test it before buying it. Where can I do that?

    When you order a mouthpiece, you have 30 days (from the day you recieve the mouthpiece) to try it at home and you can send it back if it doesn’t suit you. You can also discover Syos mouthpieces in our studio in Paris: book an appointment with Sylvie to discover more than 1000 different mouthpieces and better understand the influence of the geometry on the sound. We also have retailers all around the world, find the closest one on that dedicated map.