The concept

A team of french scientists reinvents the mouthpiece

After several years of research in acoustics the founders of Syos (Shape Your Own Sound) evidenced a direct link between the geometry of the saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece and its acoustic properties.

Putting science to work on musical instruments

Syos mouthpieces acoustic design

Syos mouthpieces originated in 2016 inside Paris' IRCAM labs. When Pauline, a specialist in wind instrument acoustics, and Maxime, an expert in auditory perception, met, they came up with a groundbreaking design process.

The bore's inner geometry is the key factor for the acoustics of wind instruments. We work with a precision of 1/100th of a millimeter to adjust the shape and length of the baffle, the shape and size of the chamber, the opening of the mouthpiece, the facing curve... We study and model the effects of each of these parameters to predict the tonal qualities associated with each combination.

Find my dream sound

The sound of your dreams at your fingertips

An alto saxophone player on a Syos mouthpiece

Looking for a smooth, mellow Stan Getz sound? Need some projection to blast off in a brass band? Want to recreate the round and pure tone suited for classical? Are you a fan of Brecker, Sanborn or Steve Lacy? Whatever your expectations, Syos creates the perfect mouthpiece to get the sound you're after with ease and precision! Syos has 3 product lines to choose from:

Syos Originals collection: NEW

Smoky, Steady or Spark — 3 flagship mouthpieces based on Syos' expertise, the optimal choice for each type of sound: dark, balanced or bright.

Signature collection:

Fan of a Syos artist? Looking to expand your sound palette? Our extensive Signature collection features custom mouthpieces created for saxophone icons such as Tivon Pennicott, Shabaka Hutchings, Yanick Coderre, Scott Paddock and dozens more.

Custom mouthpieces :

The first ever product from Syos. Create a unique mouthpiece designed by Syos experts according to your needs and criteria. Simply fill out a questionnaire on the website and chat with our acousticians to get to experience the custom sound you've always dreamed of.

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An advanced manufacturing process

A Syos saxophone mouthpiece crafted on a 3D printer

Syos mouthpieces are made in Paris using professional additive manufacturing technology to create one-of-a-kind mouthpieces in a wide range of colors and openings, with unparalleled precision.

Syos mouthpieces are made from SCAL3D, a new proprietary material developed by Syos together with the best French research labs. Engineered specifically for 3D printing, SCAL3D helps create durable, comfortable mouthpieces fit for contact with the mouth and delivering best-in-class acoustics.

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A team at your service

The Syos company team

Syos works with and for musicians. In need of clarification? Looking for guidance in choosing your mouthpiece? Our customer service is here to help you in your quest for the Holy Grail. Still on the fence about what to buy? Our exchange and return policy is available within 30 days of purchase.

Read the many reviews and feedback from our customers on our online store, Google and Facebook. And be sure to follow our socials!

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