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    Alto saxophone mouthpiece

    Discover the collection of Syos alto saxophone mouthpiece, designed on-demand for artists after many years of scientific resarch. Worlwide famous artists made their own custom alto sax mouthpiece with Syos. Whatever you play: jazz, classic, funk or rock music, you will find a great sound, pleasure and fun with Syos alto mouthpieces! All the signature alto mouthpieces are available in the color and the tip opening you want.

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    Soprano saxophone
    Alto saxophone
    Tenor saxophone
    Baritone saxophone

    Choosing an alto saxophone mouthpiece

    The sound is created inside the mouthpiece and will be different regarding the shape inside the mouthpiece. There are a lot of different alto saxophone mouthpieces with different geometrical characteristics and different materials. The most important is to understand the basic mechanism of the sound saxophone production. The mouthpiece is a key-part because it’s the piece where the tone color is shaped. The reed is fixed on the saxophone mouthpiece with the igature. The mouthpiece-reed-ligature combintion is put on the saxophone neck. The distance between the reed tip and the mouthpiece, called the tip opening, is very important. With bigger tip opening it is harder to play in tune, but the sound is more flexible and offer a wider field of musical exploration for the saxophonist. Jazz professional alto sax mouthpieces often have bigger opening to get more powerful and deep sound that can be more easily bended. Standards alto mouthpieces tip openings are between 1.40 and 2.80 mm.

    For beginner, it’s recommended to choose a Syos signature model to avoid risks. These mouthpieces have aesthetic and acoustic qualities apprecieted by the world famous saxophonists. With a signature alto saxophone mouthpiece, the young musician will have a very good mouthpiece. A Syos alto saxophone custommouthpiece will provide more advanced players with a mouthpiece perfectly adapted to their needs. The chamber, baffle, tip opening and facing lenght of the mouthpiece are shaped according to each saxophonist request for an optimal alto saxophone sound.

    Your alto saxophone mouthpiece material: metal, wood, plastic or har rubber?

    Syos choose the ABS plastic for the making of alto sax jazz mouthpieces. The additive manufacturing of ABS has a high degree of precision, and the alto mouthpieces have a very strong durability and great comfort in mouth, while keeping a reasonable price. ABS is a noble plastic material with high resistance to scratching and hot temperatures, so it’s a good material for saxophone mouthpieces. As said by the french saxophonist Basile Verschaeve on Youtube, Syos alto mouthpiece is a perfect combination of accuracy and power.

    Metal is a choice related to aesthetics, durability and comfort. Alto sax metal mouthpiece is often associated with bright and powerful sounds, which comes from its shape rather than the material. Such sounds can easily be obtained with an ABS saxophone mouthpiece. The metal alto saxophone mouthpiece is not always comfortable, especially when played outside in the cold.

    Hard rubber mouthpieces are the most common for alto saxophone. Most of the best alto saxophone mouthpieces in the past century have been made in hard rubber. They are easy to clean and have a great comfort in mouth. This material has been first used to make pipe stems, bowling balls and electrical insulators. Hard rubber is made by the vulcanization of natural rubber with sulfur. The inconvenient of hard rubber is its toxicity with aging, when acid sulfuric is released and mouthpiece turns into yellow-green.

    Ebony mouthpieces are very uncommon. This expensive wood was sometimes used to handcraft a saxophone mouthpiece, but today most mouthpieces are designed on computers and machined using plastic or metal, before beeing finished by hand.

    What is the best alto mouthpiece for playing jazz?

    The saxophone is a symbol of jazz music. First developped for classical music, this instrument was made famous in jazz music by the saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. A good alto sax jazz mouthpiece can be in hard rubber, in metal or plastic. One of the best alto sax mouthpiece for jazz music is the standard meyer mouthpiece. Whereas Selmer mouthpieces are more famous for classical music, the meyer alto sax mouthpiece has been well-known by jazz players, especially beginners. The modern alternative is a Syos alto saxophone jazz mouthpiece, with very trendy colors that are flashy on the stage, and a large amount of different sonorities for jazz saxophonists. Many professionnal players designed a signature mouthpiece with Syos: Godwin Louis, Knoel Scott, Seun Kuti, Terry Edwards, Jordan Reed, Saxl Rose, Victor Raimondeau… The quest of the best alto saxophone mouthpieces can be endless. The most important for the jazz player is to find an appropriate combination of reed and mouthpiece, finding the better tip opening, and why not designing something custom to optimize the tone quality as it is possible with Syos alto saxophone mouthpiece. With all his technical background and experiment in shaping the sound, the professionnal jazz player choose a Syos alto sax mouthpiece for the comfort an the feeling of freedom it provides.