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Michael Alizon plays Syos

Saxophonist Michael Alizon and his Syos tenor saxophone mouthpiece

The research of the sound is a perpetual quest encountered by all musicians, especially jazz saxophonists. It is hard to find the balance between projection, roundness, tone color, accuracy... With Syos I found a mouthpiece that meet all my requirements on those parameters, with an incredible ease of playing in all registers.

Sound Aesthetics

Very Dark
Very Bright
Very Soft
Very Powerful

The sound of Michael is bright, large and very powerful. The mouthpiece we created for him gives him the possibility to deploy easily this timbre in all the registers of the tenor saxophone.


After his studies in Strasbourg Conservatory, Michael Alizon works there as the Jazz and Improvised Music department coordinator. He teaches jazz, improvisation and saxophone.

He is composer for all the bands he leads ; he is also the writer of « Le Jazz Facilement » ed. Dhalmann, a method for beginning jazz and improvisation. He also wrote pedagogical tunes for orchestras. As a performer, he focus on improvisation in different bands: straSax, Les Couloirs du Temps, Michael Alizon Trio, Bernard Struber Z'tet. He share the stage with Jerry Bergonzi, Franck Agulhon, Daniel Humair, Jean-François Jenny Clarck, Birélie Lagrène, Georges Robert, Steve Potts, Benjamin Moussay, Pierre-Alain Goualch, Emil Spanyi, Eric Echampard, Bruno Chevillon, Médéric Collignon, François Merville, Stéphane Guillaume, Jean-Charles Richard, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Stephan Oliva, Jean-Yves Jung, Jean-Marc Robin, Luc Isenmann...

He often plays in famous events in France, Europe and all around the world. He also takes part in several recordings, especially straSax « Frags » - Choc Jazzman / Bernard Struber Z’tet « Les arômes de la mémoire » - Choc Jazzman.

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