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Sophie Alour plays Syos

Sophie Alour and her Syos tenor saxophone mouthpiece

I was struck by the originality of Pauline’s approach and the promises that it can represent for all the saxophone players. Indeed, we are used to play with what the market is offering us and the offer is not only limited but has defects. Today, thanks to Pauline’s research, it seems that the offer is as huge as the tastes of all saxophone players, she is not constrained by the manufacturing process and most importantly, Pauline does not simply display a wide range of mouthpieces but she accompanies the research, tries to understand very closely the musician’s requests in order to make a custom mouthpiece, which is the dream of every saxophone player.

Sound aesthetics

Very dark
Very bright
Very soft
Very powerful

The sound of Sophie Alour is quite dark and full, with a soft intonation. The mouthpiece we created for Sophie gives her the possibility to deploy easily this timbre in all the registers of the tenor.


Born in 1974, Sophie Alour is a self-taught saxophone player, after having learnt the clarinet at Quimper music school. She learns jazz on stage and in 2000 she is hired in the "Vintage Orchestra" big band which brings together the cream of her generation. She creates the same year a sextet with Stéphane Belmondo and integrates Christophe Dal Sasso's big band for the recording of the album "Ouverture" (Nocturne). A new step is being taken when she is hired by Rhoda Scott for her quartet.

The same year she plays in Wynton Marsalis's big band and with Aldo Romano. In 2005, she records her first album "Insulaire" (Nocturne), acclaimed by critics. She is invited on several recordings such as "Be where you are" and "Panic Circus" of Alexandre Saada or the album of Rhoda Scott's Lady quartet.

As a leader, she relises her second album called "Uncaged" in 2007, which brings together Laurent Coq (Fender Rhodes), Yoni Zelnik (Bass), Karl Jannuska (Drums) and Sébastien Martel who was hired away from the rock scene. The public is as enthusiastic as the critics (disque d’émoi Jazzmag, Choc Jazzman and ffff Télérama) and she was awarded the Django d’or 2007. For 2 years, she has been giving a lot of concerts with this band, in France and abroad (East Africa, Central America), exploring again her repertoire, deconstructing it, looking for boundaries, in order to return with a refreshed mind to the Jazz with a new album in trio, "Opus 3" (Plus loin music, 2010) (Choc Jazzman, ffff Télérama et le So Jazz).

In 2011, she takes part, alongside with famous musicians such as David El-Malek, Pierre de Bethmann ou Frank Agulhon, in the recording of Christophe Dal Sasso's new album « Prétextes » for Bflat label. In june, she contributes to Rhoda Scott's LP, live recorded in the big stage of Vienne Jazz festival.

In 2012, Sophie Alour get signed by Naïve label and records her 4th album in quintet « La géographie des rêves » which was given also a warm and enthusiastic welcome. In 2014, she releases « Shaker », her 5th LP.

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