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Seun Kuti plays Syos

My Syos mouthpiece represents a huge added value. It gives me the possibility to express my own personality at its best thanks to a custom-made mouthpiece. It allies a rich tone with a high flexibility at all acoustic levels from the pianississimo to the fortississimo and grants an incredible ease of playing. Syos team is at the top, they are attentive and efficient. Goooood Job!

Sound aesthetics

Very dark
Very bright
Very soft
Very powerful


Victor Raimondeau is a young french artist. He plays the basse, baritone and alto saxophone. He started playing music at the age of four when his parents decided to signed him up to the small music conservatory of his Paris suburbs town. He began playing the saxophone at the age of seven thanks to his dad who gave him one of his precious saxophones.

Over the years he developed a real passion for music and this instrument. After middle school he went to an high school specialized in music before integrating the 19th then the 17th Paris district conservatory where two great men took him in charge : Antoine Larcher and Luigi Grasso. A few time after he met Guillaume Perret who taught him a new way of apprehending the saxophone differently which influenced his style. From this encounter many others followed : Thomas De Pourquery, Pierrick Pédron, Frédéric Gastard, Thomas Faure… Many tutors who revealed being as enriching as they were good musicians.

In 2016 he was asked twice to replace a musician during studio sessions for the famous band Electro Deluxe. He recently received a scholarship to integrate Berklee College Of Music and now lives in the United-States east coast.

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