Benoît Meynier plays Syos

    Benoît Meynier plays a Syos mouthpiece for tenor saxophone
    Benoît Meynier plays a Syos mouthpiece for tenor saxophone
    Not becoming dependent on manufacturing hazards and knowing that we will be able to reproduce the sound qualities of the mouthpiece that allows us to achieve the "sound" we have in mind, or even develop it... It is SYOStifically possible! Many thanks to the SYOS team for their passion and attention to detail throughout the mouthpiece designing process.


    Benoît Meynier plays tenor, alto and soprano saxophone. He was introduced to jazz at the family-owned discotheque and later at the Jazz Club of Dunkerque, where he met many French and foreign musicians from a variety of backgrounds.

    Later his apprenticeship led him to attend the jazz class of the Lille Conservatory, the Association des Musiques Improvisées (A.M.I. in the 04) as well as the CMDL and the Music Conservatory of Bobigny.

    In the course of his studies he met figures such as André Jaume, Larry Schneider and Mark Giuliana. The broad vision of jazz he gained made him want to explore the different aspects of this music rather than limiting himself to just one.

    Currently based in the Paris suburbs, he teaches saxophone and performs in various formations such as the Penrose Trio which he co-founded (album released in September 2020 on DELUGE label), the Tactus Quintet and the saxophone quartet Yosh !.

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