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    Cédric Ricard plays Syos

    Reactive, flexible and homogeneous, I found a real balance with my Syos mouthpiece. Multifaceted musician, I am called to play in projects with varied and demanding aesthetics. In fact, it meets my expectations entirely and allows me to reveal my playing in a flowing and natural way.

    Sound aesthetics

    Very dark
    Very bright
    Very soft
    Very powerful

    The sound of Cédric Ricard is very dark and deep, with a soft intonation. The mouthpiece we created for Cédric gives him the possibility to deploy easily this timbre in all the registers of the tenor.


    Cédric Ricard started playing the saxophone at 14. Found of jazz and contemporary music, he plays for various bands (Jazz, Blues, Funk, World)

    He is a student of Villeurbanne Music School, Conservatoire de Lyon in jazz and he gratuated National Certificates of Music Studies.

    Curious and versatile musician, he played for French and International artists such as De La Soul, Shirley Bassey, Cody Chessnutt, Vincent Delerm, Sanseverino etc. He features on other projecs like the soundtrack of l’Ascension (2017) and Cherche la Femme (2017).

    Cédric is also Music teacher at the University of Marne-La-Vallée and Saxophone and Clarinet teacher at Paray-Vieille-Poste Music School.

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