Guillaume Perret plays Syos

    Guillaume Perret plays a Syos tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Guillaume Perret plays a Syos tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Syos mouthpieces! The future! Despite the many proposals I received I have not changed mouthpiece since 2001, now I discover a world of possibilities through their acoustic tricks and their 3D printing system that allows to customize the material. Customize is my life!

    Guillaume Perret is a sound discoverer. He carves the sound of his saxophone with pedals and effects, bringing that way his notes towards a surprising and uncategorisable universe, distorting the sounds in a strangely musical way, inviting us into dreaming.

    His music doesn't enter any category, its simply calling to our senses... hybrid, disturbing, bewitching, calling to images and sensations.

    Outstanding saxophone player, unusual composer, talented arranger, John Zorn describes him as an "emotional nuclear power station" and releases Guillaum's 1st album on his label, Tzadik. (« Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic » 2012). The album makes a sensational outset and is nominated for the "Jazz Victories".

    In 2013, he launches "Doors EP", then creates his own label "Kakoum Records" with which he publishes "Open me" in 2014. Voted "Talent Jazz Adami", his project plays more than a hundred times a year, in France and around the world.

    In 2016, his solo album "Free" acts as a bomb. Guillaume, on his own with his loops, was able to recreate a full orchestra.

    Besides his own productions, he is asked to compose music for contemporary ballets (Kaori Ito et Ballets C de la B, Carolyn Carlson) and cinema ("Thomas Pesquet, l’étoffe d’un héros", "Lord of the Oceans", "16 levers de soleil" ) as well as the theme tune for the radio show "Interdit d’interdire", Frédéric Taddeï, on RT France.

    In his last album "A Certain Trip", he plays with a 4tet formula again. In order to extend the possibilities of his instrument, Guillaume has customized and electrified the saxophone, incorporating microphones, mixers and lights reacting to the sound.

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