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Jordan Reed joue Syos

Le saxophoniste Jordan Reed et son bec de saxophone alto Syos bleu

As saxophonists (the newcomers to the instrument world) one of our jobs is to push boundaries and ask “what else?” or “what’s next?” SYOS is a boundary-pushing company at the forefront of mouthpiece engineering and innovation and I’m thankful to be a part of it.

Sound aesthetics

Très mat
Très brillant
Très retenu
Très puissant


Jordan Reed is an active performer, educator, and composer in classical, modern, and jazz styles. As a concert saxophonist, Jordan has been a soloist with The Ohio State Symphony Orchestra, The Ohio University Wind Symphony, and The Marietta College Wind Symphony. He is a member of Alea Duo, the Sonax Saxophone Quartet, and the Low-Brow Chamber Ensemble. Jordan is also currently a member of the new-jazz quintet, Radarhill. Radarhill has been actively performing, recording, and collaborating with local musicians and universities in and around Ohio since 2014. The group’s mission statement is to bridge the gap between the music conservatory and the local dive bar. Jordan serves as Instructor of Saxophone at Marietta College and Instructor of Music at Ohio Dominican University. He is currently composing and recording for an upcoming release of new works for saxophones, which combines elements of improvisation and aleatoricism while focusing on the familiar song structures and chord progressions of popular music.

Jordan Reed mouthpiece


My alto Syos mouthpiece has a dark tone that becomes a bit more complex the lower you play, and is free blowing across all registers.

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