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    Lihi Haruvi plays Syos

    Lihi Haruvi plays a Syos alto saxophone mouthpiece
    Lihi Haruvi plays a Syos alto saxophone mouthpiece
    With Syos you can find a sound you love and perfect to your individual needs. I am able to getting a warmer, darker sound, while still having a strong attack and presence on the Alto.

    With a Mediterranean soul immersed in the Jazz tradition, Israel native Lihi serves as an active member of the international jazz scene as a saxophonist, composer and educator.

    She has performed at the Newport Jazz Festival, DR Jazz Festival, Cork Guinness Jazz Festival, Panama Jazz Festival, and Red Sea Jazz Festival, to name a few, including performances with Jazz Masters Danilo Perez, Dave Liebman, George Garzone, "Rock and roll Hall of Fame" drummer Max Weinberg, and multi-platinum Israeli artist David Broza.

    Residing in Boston, she serves as a faculty of Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory Preparatory school, while continuing to perform in the East Coast and internationally.

    Her education includes the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, service in the IDF Orchestra, Bachelor of Arts from Berklee College of Music, the Global Jazz Institute, and a Masters of Music from the New England Conservatory.

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