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    Michel Mainil plays Syos

     Michel Mainil plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece
     Michel Mainil plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece
    I've always been in search for a mouthpiece that gives me both easiness in the low register and precision in the high register. With Syos I found that: a good dynamics in all the register, but a lot of other qualities like tone homogeneity, power and also an incredible easiness to play pianissimo or subtone. I can only encourage you to go for a Syos mouthpiece, to meet this very kind team and find the rare mouthpiece you're looking for.


    Saxophonist and clarinetist, Michel Mainil grew up in La Louvière, a small belgian town that is the birthplace of the surrealism. He began to study music at the age of 15, and focuses early on traditionnal jazz and big band (Duke Ellington) before switching to the study of great boppers and hard-boppers (Coltrane, Davis, Blakey, etc...). He performed in many bands in every style: big band, pop orchestras, studio recordings, small jazz quartets, salsa band, african combos...

    Michel Mainil / Vincent Romain 5tet "Soul Voyage" - Sunshine Alley

    Having a particular interst for Africa, he lived in Cameroun where he met trumpet player Alain Devis and where he learnt african music. Very present on the belgian scene since the 70's, he played with a tremendous number of musicians. He has his own projects: Michel Mainil quartet, Spanish Jazz Project, etc... He works regularly with Eloi Baudimont, especially on Mali Mali (2009 tour in Mali) and La Fanfare Détournée (CD released in 2010). He also played many times in France, Netherlands, UK, Marocco, Cameroun, Poland, Quebec and Mali.

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