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Mornington Lockett plays Syos

The saxophonist Mornington Lockett and his Syos tenor saxophone mouthpiece

SYOS are using the most modern thinking to recreate the classic sounds. These mouthpieces excel in every context.

Sound aesthetics

Very dark
Very bright
Very soft
Very powerful

The sound of Mornington is bright and very powerful. The mouthpiece we created for Mornington gives him the possibility to deploy easily this timbre in all the registers of the tenor.


Mornington Lockett became well known internationally through his touring work with Ronnie Scott, Jimmy Smith and Arturo Sandoval. He won a British Jazz award for best group, and has recorded on more than 50 jazz, smooth jazz and pop albums. Mornington currently runs a jazz programme at the Royal College of Music in London.

Mornington Lockett mouthpiece


For alto I want to be able to go from a roaring lead sound to a warm jazz sound in a heartbeat. This Syos mouthpiece gives me that, and everything in between.

Mornington Lockett mouthpiece


This mouthpiece allows me to be myself in any musical context. In terms of dynamic range and versatility of tone this is probably the best mouthpiece I have ever played

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