Owing to the french lockdown, we can't currently craft and send our mouthpieces and accessories. We will take care of the orders as soon as we get back, hopefully at the beginning of April, on the "first-come, first-served" basis. Take care.

    Pascal Mabit plays Syos

    Pascal Mabit plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece
    Pascal Mabit plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece
    The first tones I blew with my Syos mouthpieces directly convinced me of Pauline and her team's fine quality work. I rarely played such comfortable and easy playing mouthpieces. Well done ! Thank you !


    Pascal has been trained by a prestigious path within french conservatories (Caen and Versailles CRR, Paris CNSM) as well as a diversified scenic experience. He likes to explore music under all its shapes – especially improvisation. He plays solo or alongside new style artists like Magic Malik as well as more « traditional » artists such as Jean-Benoit Culot. You can also find him among saxophone big-band brass section (with Philip Maniez’s Dedication Ensemble or Thibault Renou’s Bidendum Big-Band) or as a collaborator of Contrast – a classic music formation – or even as composer/leader of his own trio Mobius Ring. Hungry for knowledge but also for transmission it is naturally that he got intersted in pedagogy – particularly at the Havre CRD or during internships.

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