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Raul Colosimo plays Syos

Raul Colosimo plays his SYOS sax mouthpiece

These mouthpieces sound very well. They are different from the other mouthpieces and respect the musicians different demands. They are warm, sharp and open when it's necessary. A real crossing between ebonite and metal, a good choice to achieve excellence in work.

Sound aesthetics

Very dark
Very bright
Very soft
Very powerful


Raul Colosimo is a producer, composer, author, saxophonist, clarinettist, multi-instrumentalist, performer and artistic director, with an extensive experience in the world of entertainment and music. He has also carried out numerous peace and cultural missions in Italy and Baghdad and has worked for the dissemination of culture.

Raul has participated in numerous projects, including the musical composition of the soundtrack of the film Il Matrimonio by Paola Salernon. He has made original music for films and production on the theme of emigration, identity, language, poetry… From 2010 to 2012 he realized the diffusion, the arrangement, the production, and the composition & multi-instrumentation for the association VOICE LINK.

Raul also produced a duet album with the singer Merle-Anne Jorge on the bass clarinet for the label "Storie di note" with the EGEA distribution. Since 2014, he is clarinettist and interpreter for the French group LA FEMME.

Raul Colosimo mouthpiece


My Syos mouthpiece gives me warmth, balance, deepness with an impressive range of sounds and dynamics. It has a complete homogeneity, from the piano to the forte.

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