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    Trace Zacur plays Syos on his tenor saxophone

    With my SYOS custom piece, I can be seen AND heard. I want my gear to reflect my musical personality- SYOS gives me the power. Everything is custom, down to the color. This mouthpiece has no limit, and also supreme comfort: an unbeatable combination. We are all different, but now with SYOS we can each craft our own mouthpiece to the nearest inch. Beautiful!

    A recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, where he was a performance major, Trace Zacur honed his skills on stages in the Tampa Bay area on Florida’s West Coast beginning at the age of 14. His range, versatility, and improvising skills earned him a reputation as an authentic and exciting stage presence. His work as a soloist with Berklee’s Singers Showcase in the Fall of 2018 earned him a repeat invitation to return that Spring, and also that Fall of the next school year. His work at Berklee was rewarded this year as the recipient of the Bill Pierce Scholarship Award for “outstanding achievement” in the woodwind department, which Trace is “deeply moved and honored” to accept. “I love to play. I love music. I see it as a language with no limits."

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