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    Yoann Boucher plays Syos

    Yoann Boucher plays on a Syos clarinet mouthpiece
    Yoann Boucher plays on a Syos clarinet mouthpiece
    Syos is a fine combination of savoir-faire, quality and attentiveness to the musician's needs.


    Now a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, Yoann Boucher is the clarinetist and percussionist of the band Jive Me. He develops his artistic sense and his scenic skills during festivals around France and Europe, such as “le Fil du Son”, “la 7ème Vague”, “Rencontres et Racines”, “Jyvazik”... After more than 120 concerts when touring for the last 3 years, 2 music videos, one LP, he now looks toward a full of musical projects future, to discover, to create, and most of all, to share.

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