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For those who want to know more…

At Syos we all write articles related to our job and to our passion. Discover how we design our mouthpieces, learn what “psychoacoustics” means, how a saxophone works, and also which music we listen to during our daywork!

Plastic for saxophone mouthpieces manufacturing - really fantastic!

Discover how the Syos saxophone mouthpieces are made - from the design of the 3D models to the production of our pieces.

How to describe saxophone tone - bright, dark, focus, round, warm ?

Our vocabulary includes hundreds of words that we use to describe sound. What is a bright or a dark sound? What really means a rounded, a focused or a warm sound?

Syos September playlist "Black limited edition"

Listen to our special "black playlist" - A bit of music around the theme of "black" to celebrate our new black limited edition

The solar and radiant magic of Thomas De Pourquery & SUPERSONIC

At Syos we like live music - especially when one of our artist plays. Read the story of Thomas de Pourquery's first gig for his new album "Sons of Love".

Advice on how to answer the Syos custom saxophone mouthpieces form

Choosing a mouthpiece is very difficult but with Syos you'll get the perfect fit. Martin gives you small tips to help you to fill up Syos "Create a mouthpiece" form

Drumming monkey counting rhymes

Did you ever asked how we're working with musician to understand relationship between sound and mouthpiece geometry? Thomas write about our testing sessions.

Once upon a time… SYOS

Pauline, CEO & founder of SYOS tells how she had the idea of tailor-made saxophone mouthpieces printed in 3D.

Saxophone mouthpieces materials, influence on sound and comfort - Syos

The tone color is often associated with the material in which the instrument is made, but for wind instruments it’s the geometry that determines the timbre.

Psychoacoustics, the science of hearing and sound description - Syos

Psychoacoustics is the study of auditory perception. Our research provides us with relationships between sound verbal description and mouthpiece geometries.

The scientifical study of musical instruments, saxophone & mouthpiece

Research in musical acoustics give a better understanding on how instruments are working. We use this knowledge to optimize Syos saxophone mouthpieces.