different colors mouthpieces in circle

What Syos mouthpiece color is made for you ?

Figuring out what color to choose for your mouthpiece can be hard : so many possibilities (13 different colors !), you have to go for only one, and it is not that easy ? No worries, Syos is here to help you find the color that will match your personality the best.

Do you wonder how Syos can 3D-print mouthpieces, and in different colors ?? No need to worry, everything is fine and under our control, check it here to feel reassured. Now, you can focus on your color choice, let's get started!

Pearl Black

Pearl Black Syos mouthpiece

Classical, timeless, subtle, you chose simplicity and discipline, and your Syos mouthpiece is more than decoration to you. Evidence of your humility, your choice of black is significant of your passion for music and for your sax: music first, then frills. You are on a highway, not to hell, but to wisedom, and you are more than right.

Or, you might be a huge lover of Pirates of the Caribbean and you chose this color because the reference to Jack Sparrow’s vessel made you emotional. Go on and play that famous music theme, we know you’re dying to try it on your new mouthpiece. That’s cool, your little cousins will love it, and so will we (send us a recording!).

Abyssal Blue

Abyssal Blue Syos mouthpiece

Lover of the lands, of starry nights or unwavering oceans fan, your dreamy character made you choose a night blue, which reminds you of your nights under the open sky, playing your sax around a campfire. Of course, you chose a classical chic color to suit your BCBG style. Elegant and yet discreet, your mouthpiece reflects your passion for the sax, your love for well-played scales and your zeal when you practice. As a serious musician, you know what you’re doing, and you earned some serious musician’s respect. Carry on.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown Syos mouthpiece

Did you choose it for the famous Brown Sugar solo or have you just a sure taste for discreet beauty? Whatever it is, you chose an easy-going color. Simple, efficient, it is working well: this convivial side is all about you. Your music style ? Dark, cosy, hypnotising jazz around the fire while it is snowing outside, and no excess, what a charming way to play music. Happiness is in simple things, it is in your sax, it is at Syos. Life is beautiful, isn’t it ?

Deep Magenta

Syos Deep Magenta mouthpiece

A true artist, that’s what you are. Everybody has heard about your agility speaking of saxophone and about your passion for the pentatonic scale. Between wold music and very serious exercises, nothing can stop you, nothing scares you, and certainly not colour. Your sax is your travel companion, your music is mixed with multiple inspirations: Indian, Chinese, Maghrebi, Jewish or even Russian themes, and such diversity is a beautiful thing. At Syos, we are pleased to be on a journey with you.

Summer Lavender

Syos Summer Lavender mouthpiece

This light and flirty colour is just like you: cool, your only goal in sax is to produce fun and chill music. Even as a pro, you sound simple and effortless, just straight to the point. No need for ruffles, the only thing that matters is your huge passion. As a romantic, you would like to allow yourself a few ballades. Go ahead, have fun, and don’t forget to send us a recording, everybody needs a breath of fresh air.

Graphite Grey

Syos Graphite Grey mouthpiece

Focused, serious, you know where you are going and how. Besides, if you did not play the sax, you would have been an accountant or a lawyer. Sax is a serious thing, and you have no time to lose. Your Syos mouthpiece suits your play, efficient, homogenous, that’s what you wanted. Color is not your thing, you would not want to distract the public from your play. You are right, you play like a pro, and it would be a shame to miss it, no need for decorations for you to look like one. Bravo, we’re impressed.

Cobalt Blue

Syos Cobalt Blue mouthpiece

You are the sentimental one from the group. You are into musicality, working on emotions and playing with your guts. Your dramatic bass bring tears to our eyes because it is so intense and you are THE romantic expert. Master of the legato, the pianissimo, the sonata and the concerto, you have your classics straight and even your sentimental trebles are just, which is crazy. You chose blue because it goes well with your lover’s eyes, and you are currently writing your sixteenth love song. Congrats, it is still as beautiful as before.

Acid Green

Syos Acid Green mouthpiece

Saint Patrick’s early fan or just lover of open-air music? Whatever it is, you are living your best life, partying and chilling. Your sax is bright and powerful, you love to play outside and you are not afraid of marching bands. The louder the better, the more dancing and singing the better, for you, music is more of a social activity than of a simple art. At Syos, we are happy to go with you on your social journey, send us some pictures! HAPPY to accept. Hats off, we are truly impressed by such temper and patience.

Coral Neon

Syos Coral Neon mouthpiece

You truly ARE a raging madman saxophonist. Unstoppable, nothing scares you. You try every genre and even if your fingers hurt, you will keep on playing, and EVERYONE must hear it. Kind of stuck in the “Swag” era, you must be wearing fake fluo glasses and bangs. Even if the bystanders are your only public and the neighbours are long gone, carry on, you will soon reach your goals and become a star, and you will finally play for fans that paid to be there (but if we can indulge in, for your style’s sake, stop wearing fluo things).

Ruby Red

Syos Ruby Red mouthpiece

Passionate sax is your thing, if you could play with a rose between your teeth, you would. Suave timbre and seductive looks, your instrument is kind of your love tool, it makes every girl or boy melt, you are THE saxophonist for Valentines Day. You make everybody fall in love with your intense solos and your red mouthpiece, but your partner would like you to communicate with words, too. Think about it, but keep on playing marshmallow sax, everybody secretly likes it.

Ivory White

Syos Ivory White mouthpice

You are all about simplicity, you like a nice clean sound and your music is pure passion, even if you like to play in a band, it is not to be in the spotlight. Far from a star soul but close to your music, you are not on the edge of glory, but your talent should not be ignored: you know what you are doing and you are doing it well, simple as that. Your simplicity and performances make you an irreplaceable member of your band. How would they make it without you?! (Or, you are a pro wedding saxophonist).

Gold Yellow

Syos Gold Yellow mouthpiece

You like sparkling things, and even if not everything that shines is gold, your music sure is. Your sound is bright, you play as a soloist: your goal? Be the first (the last, the everything), the most brilliant, or at least at the front row in your marching band. Trills, vibrato, frills, for you more is more and it feels good. Your mantra? Better too much than too little, and you are very right, you will surely be a pop star or a jazz icon, please, remember to send us your autographs.

And there you go, you know everything about our colors! Now is time to choose: are you more into custom or signature mouthpieces?


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