Syos at the conquest of America - Part 1 : Boston

Although we have many customers and Syos artists on the other side of Atlantic, Syos had never gone on the US field to meet american saxophonists. We decided then to organize a visit on the US East coast, in Boston and New York from the 23rd to the 29th september. I'm going to report it back here, day to day, so follow the blog!

Lihi Haruvi in Berklee

To begin the day, I had a rendez-vous with Lihi Haruvi, a very talented saxophonist who teaches in Berklee. We talked a lot about music, music pedagogy, and of course she tested a lot of mouthpieces. First for the soprano then the alto. I was really impressed because she can switch from a mouthpiece to another very different while keeping the exact same playing ease and also the sound. Chek that:

And her opinion was that all the Syos mouthpieces she tried were very easy to play and homogeneous !

I didn't have the time to visit Berklee (a sort of classroom labyrinth), still I saw Stan Getz saxophone, which deserves a picture in my story!

Stan Getz saxophone in Berklee
Ladies and Gentlemen, Stan Getz saxophone!

I was in Berklee so I had the occasion to eat my lunch with one of our ambassador Victor Raimondeau and bring him a very special mouthpiece which, I'm sure, will take him to the stars!

Victor Raimondeau and his rocket Syos saxophone mouthpiece

The lunch was quick because I had then to meet the great Jerry Bergonzi who made me the honnor to displace a saxophone lesson he had to spent half an hour with me! Even if it was short, we still had the time to talk about his sound research, he showed me the mouthpieces he's playing currently and he tested a dozen of Syos mouthpieces. The winner was an orange mouthpiece with a very small chamber.

And like Lili, he concluded that all the mouthpieces were very easy to play! We're going to dig together in the direction of this orange mouthpiece to unravel its mysteries...

Next stop: Boston Sax Shop where I invited our dear ambassador Godwin Louis to give a Masterclass. We listened to a great trio with Max Ridley on double bass and Lee Fish on drums. It was a great time with all the saxophonists here who had a lot of questions. The concert finally turned into a jam then everybody tested Syos mouthpieces. And again, all the saxophonists were impressed by Syos mouthpieces quality.

So it was a great first american day full of positive feedback on our mouthpieces! By the way, there is now a mouthpieces selection at Boston Sax Shop: go there and meet Jack to test them, his shop is amazing!

Boston sax shop

You can read the rest of the story here.


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