Syos at the conquest of America - Part 2 : End of Boston, Arrival at NYC

My arrival in the US began intensively (go see the first part of my travel if you didn't read it yet) and I can assure you I kept the same rythm for the following.

A day in Virtuosity

On Tuesday the 24th I was all day in the shop Virtuosity which is just in front of the main building of Berklee. A lot of saxophonists (mainly Berklee students) went to test Syos mouthpieces.

I even met one oy our customers, Connor, who already had a great Syos tenor mouthpiece and went to test some stuff for the alto. I had only very positive feedback on the mouthpieces, their homogeneity, their ease of playing, etc...

There even was a researcher of Connecticut University who travelled 1 hour and a half by car to meet me! His name is Robert Howe and he has a wide collection of music instruments, especially original Adolphe Sax instruments. For several years, with his colleagues, he tries to replicate vintage mouthpieces thanks to 3D printing, so he came for advice. It's funny because I remember reading an article on his research work when I started Syos. It was a very interesting meeting which will probably lead to future partnership... to be continued!

Then we ended the day in music with the "every tuesday jam" of Virtuosity. Brett, one of the shop seller, even played live the Syos mouthpiece he just felt in love with :)

A very good surprise

I planned to have breakfast on wednesday with a friend I met in the Blackbox startup programm in San Francisco. But in the last moment, I discover that our dear Syos artist Jure Pukl is with Mark Turner! I asked him to organize the meeting and, ladies and Gentlemen, I managed to meet the great Mark Turner! He was surprised that the mouthpieces were so easy to play. We talked a lot about materials, metal, hard rubber... and I have to see him again for further mouthpieces testing!

Then I jumped in the bus toward NYC, and I spend the evening with Alex, a friend of our ambassador Pascal Mabit. Although he was a huge fan of vintage mouthpieces, he really enjoyed the mouthpieces!

Breakfast in the Park

New York is a city full of parks, and I had a meeting inside one of them, Prospect Park, with Mike Troy. It was a really great test session, with a lot of sun, fresh air and trees. Mike had this mysterious cosmic aura that really gets along well with nature, and all the people wandering in the park stopped to listen to his music!

Lukas Gabric

Next step: City College of New York. The 19th century buildings are magnificent. I had an appointment with Lukas Gabric, who teaches saxophone at the Julliard School. He played all his life on metal mouthpieces, and he was astonished by the brightness he could have with Syos mouthpieces in ABS. Hear by yourselves:

The Lucky Chops!

New York is also the city of Lucky Chops. Thay go on a tour the 28th of september until the 10th of November, in All the North America. And they ahve a new drummer in the band, so they spent the whole afternoon in rehearsal. I came few minutes before the end of the session, so I could listen to some great tunes!


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