Freaks: backstage of our scary offer!

First, what are the Freaks? A terrifying idea for Halloween, by Syos: to create scary boxes with three mouthpieces, where you can choose your sax type and tip opening, and all of that only for 90 euros... What is the secret? It is in fact mouthpieces that underwent a small printing flaw, without any consequence on the sound. Frightening, isn't it? Discover how the idea appeared and how we made it work at Syos!

Tuesday, October the 1st

Time to announce the Freaks project to the team. The task is huge, and our work needs to be well organised to accomplish everything:

  • Selecting the perfectly playable mouthpieces
  • Sorting the mouthpieces depending on the sax type and tip opening
  • Looking for boxes to pack the mouthpieces in
  • Marking the mouthpieces to make them different from our "classical" products
  • Sorting of the ligatures we were going to send with our Freaks
  • Communication: visuals, explanatory videos, social media posts...

Times is suspended for a moment as we are all scared by the enormity of the challenge. After a little sigh, time for us to put on our witches hats or vampires capes and go on with this enormous offer!

Monday, October 14th

Everything is under control. We have the video rushes, the pictures are taken. The costumes, the decoration, the boxes and the scary confettis are ready, the team is going well. The only problems are these undefeated boxes, full of unsorted Freaks, and despite the ghosts and bloody stickers at Syos, these mouthpieces boxes truly are the scariest thing of the office.

Friday, October 18th

The sorting is going well, despite the few complaints that sometimes resonate in the office. The Freaks are undoubtedly terrifying, almost cruel (What do you mean?? Another box to sort??? But where are all these mouthpieces coming from???). The team faces doubt, the road to Halloween seems quite sportive.

Wednesday, October 24th

The finally sorted mouthpieces kindly wait to be marked and sent. Now is time to fold their boxes (a few hundreds) and to decorate them... And the team did not hesitate to make their hands dirty!

Monday, October 28th

The last mouthpieces are marked, the team is wondering how it will work and making pronostics. Shared between excitation and worry, the discussions are on. The project that is on for a mounth is finally ready, the videos are online and the Freaks idea is presented to Syos customers and friends. The whole team is holding its breath.

Tuesday, October 29th

Here we are. Syos is finally launching its Freaks offer. So, are you more Werewolf, Vampire or Skeletton?


We share the link and activate the offer. More clients are going on the website than ever. The anxiety grows, the orders, the site, the shipping, will it all work well? The first anxious messages are coming in, and the team is answering special concerns regarding this monstrous offer.

4:30 PM:

The Syos team is staring at the growing number of orders while preaparing the boxes really fast. A true fordist working chain is organised: put the mouthpieces in the bag, put the bag in a box, add a ligature, close the box, prepare the shipping... Everything is organised as the available stocks are shrincking. Baritones are already sold out, only a few altos and tenors are left! Quite dizzied by such enthousiasm, everyone is so happy and working hard for this scary offer.

Boxes you will receive your Freaks in

8:45 PM :

Everything is sold out. Even the enthousiast gamblers did not bet on such a huge success. The team is proud, emotional and a bit shook by an offer that took so much preparation and that was over very fast.

That is how, the day after a crazy day, we are taking a look on this Halloween experience that was supposed to last for three days but that was over in just 7 hours. Who would have believed it? If this offer was sometimes hard to put together, we could not be happier of its success!

Congratulations to all the lucky ones who could get their boxes! Because of the enormous number of orders, they might come with a little delay, but we are doing everything we can to make sure you receive it very soon. For those who did not get their Freaks, did you really think Syos was going to let you down? To comfort you, here is a little Halloween gift!

10% discount with the code LEFREAKCESTCHIC

On our brand new mouthpieces until monday, November 4th... Crazy isn't it?

Happy Halloween, thanks a lot for your trust, and see you soon for new adventures!


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