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Syos jobs: 3D designer

Without him: no mouthpieces! He takes part on each order, at each step, as well as upstream in all the mouthpieces research and development steps. Cherry on the cake, he is also the one who works on the new products that will be the 2018-2020 best-sellers… He is the 3D designer!

What is that about?

A saxophone mouthpiece is far from simple. The geometry of the object itself is already complex, but in addition the slightest variation in the interior geometry of the mouthpiece will change the characteristics of sound and the playing comfort of the instrument.

3D saxophone mouthpiece design features

The 3D Designer works hand in hand with the Sound Shaper (read also Syos jobs: the sound shaper). Once the musician's request is translated into geometric parameters, the 3D designer takes over the design, adjusting the 3D modeling of the different elements of the mouthpiece (nature and dimensions of the baffle, type and size of the chamber, opening and facing...).

In order to build good quality mouthpieces, the 3D designer must:

  • Master the different elements of internal and external geometry of a saxophone mouthpiece, at 1/100th of a mm.

  • Know the mechanical properties related to the different mouthpiece designs to make sure of the solidity of the parts.

  • Be an expert in computer-aided design (CAD) on software like SolidWorks or CATIA.

A custom designer

As a tailor who makes tailor-made clothing, the 3D designer at Syos must adapt to all situations. What length adjustment should be made for the intonation of the mouthpiece to be perfect on an old Conn baritone saxophone? How to further enlarge the chamber while maintaining the mechanical strength of the mouthpiece? Which beak curve is optimal for playing comfort? What is the ideal dimension for a C-Melody mouthpiece?

Syos custom mouthpiece design by science

Rigor and a strong organization are essential skills to navigate the jungle of geometric parameters of the mouthpiece: chamber, baffle, facing length, opening, bore, beak, side rails ... parameters that can each take about ten values (and even an infinity, in theory). At Syos, it is known that it takes at least 6 months to understand the nomenclature used internally to identify the mouthpiece (some legends say it even takes several years, or even a whole life ...).

Always more innovative

A new product in preparation? Accessories to design in order to avoid incompatibility issues with the other brands products? It is always the 3D designer who will work upstream on feasibility and functional prototypes.

Innovative syos saxophone mouthpieces designs

For example in 2018 Syos ligatures and also new exterior design for the mouthpieces appeared! And of course, for the company communication, we often needed a little touch of design for the mouthpieces and the ligatures. A full-time-job, and here is its description:

25%Research on the next products (coming soon… !)
25%Development, improvement and automation of existing designs
50%Custom design for the orders (initial geometrical design, custom adjustments, engravings and design…)

Who is the 3D Designer of Syos ?

Even if you ordered a mouthpiece, you may not have heard about him: he is the man in the shadows but he's the one who conceives every mouthpiece that comes out of our house, he is...

Robin saxophone mouthpieces 3D designer at Syos

If you never ordered a mouthpiece from Syos, do it now! Robin will personally take care of the design, and with all his experience, you will not be disappointed of the fineness of the artwork.

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