10 things saxophonists do not want to hear anymore

Some sentences are pronounced to often. Thank you to keep them for yourself, to preserve our saxophonists' mental health. If you have any other idea, please write to us, we'd love to share them.

1. Oh, so you're a brass instrument right?

No John, my instrument may be golden but it is still a woodwind.

2. Do you know John Coltrane? You should listen to him!

Yeah, thanks, of course I know him. Actually, not personnally, but quite well actually.

Roulement des yeux en signe d'exaspération

3. Can you play Careless Whisper?


4. Could you tone it down?


5. Can I try your instrument?

NO. Get away from me.

6. Isn't it heavy?

Yes it is. My back, my neck, even my lips hurt, why would you ask? So cruel.

7. I play the clari, it is quite similar.

Haha, yes, of course. No way. Does anybody even hear you?

8. Don't you have audition problems because sax play so loud?

What did you say? I can't hear you.

9. You must be so good at jazz.

Actually this one is not that bad. Flattery is always a good idea. But still, saxophonists can play many other music genres, ask Victor Raimondeau, Scott Paddock or Daro Behroozi.

10. Why is your mouthpiece green?

Have you never heard about Syos? Poor thing, find your sound here. You'll thank me later! 😉


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