Owing to the french lockdown, we can't currently craft and send our mouthpieces and accessories. We will take care of the orders as soon as we get back, hopefully at the beginning of April, on the "first-come, first-served" basis. Take care.

    Clarinet mouthpiece


    The mouthpiece comes with a transparent cushion and a mouthpiece cap.

    Our brand name Syos is built from “Shape Your Own Sound” initial letters. Years of acoustics research led us to develop the technology and science to create mouthpieces fitting all musicians needs and wills. Our goal is to help saxophonists, and now clarinetists, get the sound they always dreamed about in the easiest way possible, and to be true to our promise behind the name Syos!

    After mastering our craft with the saxophone mouthpieces, we needed a little bit more than two years to finally get to the same level of demand on the clarinet ones. But that’s it! We can precisely model clarinet mouthpieces internal geometry! We are now able to alter the baffle, the chamber section, the tip opening, and the facing in a way allowing us to anticipate the timbre and sound you will get.

    More options

    A huge range of innovative internal shapes and new clarinet tones to discover.

    Easier to play

    Whatever the tone you like, the Syos clarinet mouthpiece is always easy to play and responsive.

    Suited for your sound

    Our experts will help you choose or design a mouthpiece for the sound you want.

    They already play our clarinet mouthpieces

    Some of the best clarinetists from France, YOM, César Poirier and Yoann Boucher (JIVE ME), plus the American Robby Marshall, had the chance to try it before the official release and have joined the Syos Tribe.


    Certainly the biggest klezmer French artist! His musical career started in 2001 with the Orient Express Moving Shnorers, which became Klezmer Nova when he was a part of the band. Since 2004 he has made 9 albums under his own name and collaborated with artists such as Denis Cuniot, Wang Li, Ibrahim Maalouf, Farid D, Claude Tchamitchian, Bijan Chemirani, Guillaume Magne, Sylvain Daniel, Mathieu Penot and many more. His last LP Prière is a duet album with Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard and was released in 2018.

    Robby Marshall

    The Syos clarinet line are flexible mouthpieces that encourage me to explore the instrument and take chances without losing control. I also enjoy their delightful projection, making my clarinet gigs for free-blowing and enjoyable!

    The californian Robby Marshall is a brilliant saxophonist and clarinetist currently based in Paris. In L.A. he worked as a sideman and recording artist, also releasing his own albums Living Electric, Rootsystem and Shoestring Trio. Marshall began his career collaborating with young innovators such as Tigran Hamasyan, John Daversa, Louis Cole, and Genevieve Artadi. During his early career. Marshall has toured with Cassandra Wilson, Michael Bublé, Trombone Shorty, Brenna Whitaker, and also played with Carlos Santana, Nancy Wilson, Bobby McFerrin, Dave Douglas, Terri Lyne Carrington, Tom Jones, Hugh Laurie and many more. His most recent jazz quartet album, Little Victories, features Marshall on the bass clarinet, clarinet, and tenor sax.

    César Poirier

    My Syos mouthpiece gives a richness of sound, a unique homogeneity, in all ranges of the instrument!

    César is a very talented saxophonist and clarinetist, he is part of the swing jazz band The Meeting, and of Géraud Portal band “Let my children hear Mingus”. You may also have heard him play with Yonathan Avishai, the Amazing Keystone Big Band, Luigi Grasso Greenwich Sessions, Natalia M King, or his own sextet. He teaches both instruments in Paris and is considered one of the great figures of jazz in France right now.

    Yoann Boucher (JIVE ME)

    Syos is a fine combination of savoir-faire, quality and attentiveness to the musician needs.

    Now a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, Yoann Boucher is the clarinetist and percussionist of the band Jive Me, he develop his artistic sense and his scenic skills during festivals around France and Europe, such as “le Fil du Son”, “la 7ème Vague”, “Rencontres et Racines”, “Jyvazik”... After more than 120 concerts when touring for the last 3 years, 2 music videos, one LP, he now look toward a full of musical projects future, to discover, to create, and most of all, to share.

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