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    Saxphone Syos mouthpieces

    The concept

    Create your sound

    Syos stands for Shape Your Own Sound. The technology and the science behind our mouthpieces have been developed during years of acoustics research. A mouthpiece that helps musicians to get the sound they like more easily means just more freedom for them when they play!

    Syos custom saxophone mouthpiece form

    A unique technology

    Syos mouthpieces were born at Ircam, the worldwide reference in terms of research on music and sound technologies. The meeting between Pauline, specialist of wind instruments, and Maxime, auditory perception expert, started the creation and development of a new and original way of crafting instruments.

    Thousands of saxophone mouthpieces geometry

    Thousands of possibilities

    For wind instruments, it’s the internal geometry of the bore that gives all the acoustic properties. We work at 1/100th millimeter to adjust the shape and the length of the baffle, the chamber section and size, the tip opening, the facing length… We study and compute the effect of all these parameters on the sound, to predict the timbre of each combination of them.

    Syos saxophone mouthpieces are made in ABS-plastic

    Plastic is chic

    We use ABS plastic to craft our mouthpieces: this material allows us to get the highest degree of precision, with an improved resistance and durability. And you can get that in 18 colours to build a perfect style on stage!

    Our mission? Create with you the most appropriate mouthpiece for your sound

    Saxophone mouthpieces acoustics

    Stunning acoustic properties

    Our acoustics models of the instrument-musician coupling make our mouthpiece acoustically optimized. The result? More precise, homogeneous and easy-to-play mouthpieces, whatever your desired timbre is!

    Custom yellow Syos tenor saxophone mouthpiece

    Our experts at your service

    A skilled acoustician will follow your order from A to Z. Once you have tested your mouthpiece, we offer you the possibility to make adjustments on the geometry, to make it even more adapted to your expectations. We make the mouthpiece evolve together step by step until we get the perfect geometry for your sound and your playing comfort.

    A question?

    We’re here to help!

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