Syos mouthpieces engraving design competition!

A mouthpiece can also be customizable on the outside! At Syos we already worked on several nice designs, but we're always surprised by the saxophonist's most original demands. So we decided to organize a contest to let you propose original designs on your Syos mouthpiece.

The contest is from the 10th to the 17th of April 2019

The winner will get a Syos custom saxophone mouthpiece engraved with his own design. This design will also join Syos design catalog!

How to participate:

Easy! You just have to download the tenor mouthpiece template by clicking on this link: Syos design competition tenor Syos template. The template is a tenor so it's easier, but the design can be adapted in the future for other saxophone (alto, tenor, soprano...) so the winner could choose the kind of mouthpiece they want.

You have 1 week to create an original design in the template and share the picture on facebook or instagram with a Syos hashtag. The design must have a name! And no need to use different colors, remember at the end it's an engraving :)

For example:

Name: "Pinapple" Design

It's just an example, we are sure you can do much better! You can propose a hand or computer drawn design, it's up to you!

Design can be sent to Syos until the 17th April at midnight. The jury is Syos team! We'll examinate the designs of all participants and we will select our two favorite for the final.

  1. Download the template and create the design
  2. Share your design on facebook or instagram with a Syos hashtag
  3. Send us the file at the email address

Good to know in order to be selected:

  • Make something cool !
  • Make something doable: too small or detailed patterns will be impossible to engrave! You can check our existing designs to get inspired
  • WARNING: Avoid (I know it's tempting) to use registered trademarks, and all things that could not be copyright-free. No Mickey Mouse head or Coca-Cola logo!

How the Final works:

Our two favorite designs selected for the final will be created by our 3D designer, and we'll produce two Syos mouthpieces with those two engraving designs. We'll make some photos, and all the Syos community will vote on facebook and instagram during 48h to choose the winner! The votes will take place the week after, between the 24th and the 26th of April.

The design with the most cumulated votes on facebook and instagram will be the winner of the design competition and the happy inventor will win a custom Syos mouthpiece for the saxophone of his choice (alto, tenor...) with its engraving!

Regulatory aspects

The contest is free, and there is no obligation to purchase anything. While participating at the contest, you give all the rights of your drawings to Syos, and you authorize Syos to use them to make very nice mouthpieces.

Only one submission/person, of course!