Frequently asked questions

    Are you looking for information? We gathered on this page the most frequently asked questions about Syos mouthpieces. If you don't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll give you a rapid answer.

    Custom mouthpieces, how is that even possible?

    Syos was founded by two researchers in acoustics. We studied both the physics of wind instruments and auditory perception (and especially the sound vocabulary), so we established relationships between sound characteristics and mouthpiece geometry elements (chamber, baffle, tip opening,…).

    How can you be sure that the custom mouthpiece will suits me?

    When you order a Syos mouthpiece, we calculate from your answers to the questionnaire the more appropriate geometry. You receive the mouthpiece and you can test it at home, in rehearsal, in concert… You can give us feedback that allows us to improve the mouthpiece if needed, to make it better. You’ll receive then a second version of the mouthpiece that you can test, etc… Last but not least, you’ll be followed by one of our acoustician experts during the entire process!

    I’d like to test it before buying it. Where can I do that?

    When you order a mouthpiece, you have 30 days (from the day you recieve the mouthpiece) to try it at home and you can send it back if it doesn’t suit you. You can also discover Syos mouthpieces in our studio in Paris: book an appointment with Sylvie to discover more than 1000 different mouthpieces and better understand the influence of the geometry on the sound. We also have retailers all around the world, find the closest one on that dedicated map.

    Are Syos mouthpieces for professional use only?

    We make Syos mouthpieces for every saxophonist, professionals as well as amateurs! Each saxophonist has his own sound identity and his own relationship to his/her instrument. In fact, Syos mouthpieces are already used by many amateur saxophonists in France as well as in other countries, and are used for playing many kinds of music (rock, jazz, pop…).

    How much time does it take to receive my mouthpiece when I order?

    As soon as we get your answers to our questionnaire, we start the creation of your mouthpiece. Your mouthpiece will be crafted within 5 to 7 days. We then ship your mouthpiece with UPS everywhere in the world (except Central and South America). Shipping time is within 2 to 4 days for Europe and United States and can be a little longer for the rest of the world.

    I don't know anything in sound aesthetics: how do I know what is appropriate for me?

    The questionnaire we created gives you the possibility to specify your expectations in terms of sound with the vocabulary we provide. If you’re not good with our words, don’t hesitate to call us (+[33] 1 44 54 92 38) for further explanations: we’ll help you to fill out the questionnaire. You can also visit the webpages of our artists where you can listen to sound references.

    I broke my hard rubber mouthpiece, can you make a copy of it?

    We don’t reproduce existing mouthpieces, however we can create a Syos original mouthpiece with a geometry that will give the same sound aesthetics as your previous one, and even try to get a more comfortable and easier mouthpiece to play.

    Can I put your mouthpieces in my mouth without any risks?

    The plastic we use to make Syos mouthpieces has been certified as non-toxic after laboratory testing (EN 71 and CE 1907/2006 standards). In fact, the same kind of plastic is used to make toys for children, which can be put in the mouth without any risks. On the opposite end, with the “ebonite” plastic, some sulfuric acid releases are observed when the mouthpiece is old, which gives it a yellow-green color.