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Are SYOS mouthpieces for professional use only?
What happens if I order a mouthpiece and I don't like it?
I would like to test the mouthpiece before buying it. Where can I go?
How much time does it take to receive my mouthpiece when I order?
I don't know anything in sound aesthetics: how do I know what is appropriate for me?
Can I buy a SYOS mouthpiece as a gift for a friend?
I broke my ebonite mouthpiece, can you make me the same model?
Can I put plastic in my mouth without any risks?
I play with plastic reeds. Is it compatible?
Is it possible to get a black SYOS mouthpiece?
Can I have my name written on the mouthpiece?
Do you also make clarinet mouthpieces?
Samy Thiébault SYOS mouthpiece is in metal. Can I have a metallic mouthpiece too?