Bec Brilhart ou bec Syos ?

Brilhart mouthpieces are named after Arnold Brilhart, a famous saxophonist who did the radio and recorded a lot of albums in New York studios. Brilhart mouthpieces have been used by great musicians in the 40's, 50's and 60's. The company has been sold to Conn-Selmer in 1966. Very new on the market, Syos was created in 2016 and is already famous among worldwide saxophonists. The company makes 3D printed custom saxophone mouthpieces, according to the sound each musician is looking for. The whole process is based on the expertise on the two founders, both researchers in acoustics. Brilhart and Syos are two brand with a similar product quality, so why choose one brand more than another?

| | Brilhart | Syos | | --------------------------- | :---------------------: | :---------------------: | | Sound quality | | | | Easy to play | | | | Comfort | | | | Material choice | | | | Durability | | | | Non-toxic certification | | | | Traditionnal manufacturing | | | | Classical sound | | | | Jazz sound | | | | Available in several colors | | | | Customizable | | |

Brilhart mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics

Brilhart has a way of standardizing its mouthpieces tip opening different than Meyer or Otto Link. You must be careful when you compare different saxophone mouthpieces, and take a look at a saxophone mouthpiece tip opening chart. Brilhart uses different materials to craft its mouthpieces:

  • Tonalin : Plastic Ivory mouthpiece with a touch of white
  • Ebolin : Plastic black mouthpiece with a touch of white
  • Tonalite : transparent plastic mouthpiece
  • Hard Rubber : organic rubber vulcanized with sulfur
  • Metal (only for the vintage Level Air and the « Velvet Brass »)

There are different Brilhart mouthpieces models: Regular, Streamline, Personaline, and Special. The models have a star added to their reference when they have a short facing, those without the star have a medium facing lenght. The Personaline model has a different way of beeing referenced, there is a letter to iddentify the facing length: S for « Short » (short facing) and L for « Long » (long facing). The Personaline has also a letter in its name: the Black plastic is letter B, the white Personaline is identified by the letter W and the Rubber Personaline is identified by the letter R. You have to be careful: for the Personaline, the number which identifies the tip opening is bigger than the one for other models by 2 units. For example, a Personaline S5 mouthpiece has the same tip opening than a 3 in other models. The Special model was designed for students and is available in tip opening 2 only. The most used Brilhart models are the Brilhart mouthpieces for alto and tenor sax.

In comparison with Brilhart, the Syos saxophone mouthpieces line is more easy to understand. Indeed, there is no Syos standard models. All the mouthpieces are made by 3D printing according to the need of each musician. Thanks to this revolutionnary technology, the design of each product is custom, with an accuracy of 1/100th millimeter. Syos mouthpieces are made on-demand in a unique material: ABS plastic. This material has great properties: good comfort in mouth, resistance, durability and non-toxicity. Another great thing about ABS: it can be colored so the musician can choose the color he prefers for his saxophone mouthpiece. Syos also sells accessories such as tenor and alto ligatures compatible with most hard rubber mouthpieces (including Otto Link, Vandoren, Meyer...) and baritone and soprano ligatures that are compatible with Syos mouthpiece only. Mouthpiece caps and cushions can also be purchased on Syos website.

Most popular Brilhart mouthpieces & Syos alternatives

The most popular Brilhart mouthpieces are:

Syos equivalent

Brilhart alto sax mouthpiece EBOLIN short 5*

It corresponds to a plastic mouthpiece with a 1,96 mm tip opening

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Godwin Louis, tip opening 6*


Syos equivalent

Brilhart alto saxophone mouthpiece EBOLIN short 4*

It corresponds to a plastic mouthpiece with a 1,88 mm tip opening

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Godwin Louis, tip opening 6


Syos equivalent

Brilhart alto sax mouthpiece EBOLIN short 3*

It corresponds to a plastic mouthpiece with a 1,80 mm tip opening

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Godwin Louis, tip opening 5*


Brilhart reeds characteristics

Reeds were only made with natural cane when Brilhart invented the first synthetic saxophone reeds. Wood is a non homogeneous material, so the mechanichal properties of reeds are not stable, so it's hard to predict the acoustic quality of a cane reed in the making process, even in the same series of reed. Besides, the durability of wood is not so good. In 1965, Arnold Brilhart write the patent of « Fibercane », the first synthetic saxophone reed, made with natural and synthetic fibers, melted together with plastic. Today, other brands like Bari or Legere are famous for synthetic reeds production.

Syos and Brilhart brands both proposes high quality plastic mouthpieces. Between the vintage mouthpieces of Brilhart and the custom innovative Syos mouthpieces, it's up to you!