Dukoff mouthpiece or Syos mouthpiece?

Dukoff mouthpieces were created by a worldwide famous saxophonist: Robert Bobby Dukoff. Robert started to play saxophone at 14 and began very passionated about music and jazz. The first mouthpieces he created were crafted secretly in his garage, then meet an amazing success because of their unique sound. Syos is a more recent brand, created in 2016 by two researchers in acoustics. Thanks to 3D printing, Syos designs 100% custom mouthpieces.

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Dukoff mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics

Dukoff makes soprano, alto, tenor and baritone mouthpieces.

  • The soprano sax Dukoff mouthpiece is available with two different chambers. The D chamber is higher and deeper, which gives a clear, bright and precise tone.. This chamber is very good for playing solo, lead and even in brass band. The M chamber has similar playing qualities than the D chamber but the sound is slightly warmer and softer. The tone is still focused but a bit less sharp, whiches is good for playing in orchestra.
  • The Dukoff alto mouthpiece is available with both D chamber and M chamber, same as the soprano mouthpiece.
  • The Dukoff baritone mouthpiece is also available with D and M chambers.
  • The Dukoff tenor sax mouthpiece is available with six different chambers. There are D and M chambers like all the other saxophone, but also L, X, S and P chambers. The L chamber has a dark and rich tone. The X chamber is similar to D chamber but with a less bright tone. The S chamber is smaller, with a more focused, sharp and bright tone. The P chamber is also similar to the D chamber but it is wider, so the tone is bigger and deeper.

Historically there also was another chamber, the H chamber, which was like the traditionnal saxophone mouthpiece chamber: very large, rounded and with no baffle. It was named after the vintage mouthpiece model Hollywood (1945), which no longer exists today.

Dukoff mouthpieces are all available in 9 different tip openings: #5, #5.5, #6, #6.5, #7, #7.5, #8, #8.5 and #9.

For materials, Dukoff chose har rubber, then SILVERITE metal for its mechanical properties that make it easier to craft. The Dukoff mouthpieces brand mostly targets professionnal saxophone players.

Syos is very different from Dukoff because it makes mouthpieces for every saxophonist, from the amateur to the professionnal player. The making process is more modern and innovative since it uses 3D printing technology and a 1/100th of millimeter accuracy. The brand focuses on one material: ABS polymer, which is non toxic, resistant, durable and comfortable in the mouth. Syos proposition can be sum up in one word: custom. You won't find any pre-defined mouthpiece model, but you just have to fill a form to explain your need, and Syos will understand what are the best features of your future mouthpiece. With the help of an expert if needed, you describe your preferences, your playing style and the sound you're looking for. The mouthpiece Syos makes for you is adapted to what you need. And at the end you can also customize the visual design of the mouthpiece, with 14 colors available.

Most popular Dukoff mouthpieces & Syos alternatives

The most popular Dukoff mouthpieces are:

Syos equivalent

Dukoff D7 alto saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a mouthpiece with a D chamber and a 6 tip opening

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Mornington Lockett, tip opening 6


Syos equivalent

Dukoff D8 alto saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a mouthpiece with a D chamber and a 7 tip opening

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Mornington Lockett, tip opening 6*


Syos equivalent

Dukoff D8 tenor saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a mouthpiece with a D chamber and a 8 tip opening

Syos signature Tenor mouthpiece Mornington Lockett, tip opening 6*


The story of Bobby Dukoff

Bobby Dukoff is a legendary saxophone player. Born in Worcester in 1918, he start to play music very early, and begins a professionnal carreer playing with many bands: Duke band, Jerry Wald band, Benny Goodman band,… The story tells that one night, after playing with its band, one of his sideman accidentally dropped Bobby's saxophone on the floor and damaged his mouthpiece. After that night, Bobby spent all his time trying to find another mouthpiece, until he made his own in his garage. Later, many artists recorded tunes in the Dukoff studio: James Brown, Timmy Thomas,…. Dukoff worked later with an apprentice, Nicolas hernandez, who became a close friend and also a business partner in the traditionnal mouthpiece making activity. Bobby Dukoff died in 2012.

Wether you choose a Dukoff or Syos saxophone mouthpiece, the sound of your instrument will have great qualities. Between a famous saxophonist's traditionnal brand and a new innovative brand created by two of the finest researchers in acoustics... it's up to you!