Meyer mouthpiece or Syos mouthpiece?

Meyer saxophone mouthpieces are crafted by the american company JJ Babbitt , which was founded by Jesse James Babbitt a hundred years ago. It provides saxophone players from amateurs to professional players with all kind of products. The brand has grown a lot over the past century and became one of the most famous brand in the saxophone mouthpiece market. Syos is a new brand that brings innovation and technology in the world of saxophone mouthpiece making. Its expertise has been developped in IRCAM, a famous french research lab dedicated to sound and music technologies. It was founded by two researchers in acoustics in 2016 and makes custom saxophone mouthpieces that have been adopted by the world most famous jazz players.

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Meyer mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics

Meyer mouthpieces are made in two different materials: hard rubber and metal. There are two main steps in their crafting process. The first step consists in using calibrated machines for making a non finished mouthpiece. The second step is a hand finishing by Meyer employees. The accuracy of this step is controlled during the process. Meyer mouthpieces are crafted by the same brand as Otto Link mouthpieces and have a different tip opening scale than Brilhart or Selmer. Numbers are used (6, 7, etc…) to precise the mouthpiece tip opening. There are different Meyer mouthpieces models, with different characteristics:

  • The Meyer "M" mouthpiece (for Medium) is a line created for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. It's a reference for hard rubber jazz mouthpieces, with a rounded and warm sound. It is available in several openings (5M, 6M, 7M, 8M and 9M). The chamber size is medium so the sound is quite bright.
  • The Meyer "G" mouthpiece for alto and tenor sax is designed for musicians that are looking for a deep, soft and dark tone. It is available in different openings (5, 6 and 7) and is suitable for different playing styles.
  • The Meyer NY mouthpiece is an alto sax mouthpiece. It's a special model that has been released for the brand 100th anniversary. It is available in different tip openings (5M, 6M and 7M) and is available on special request only.

Syos is a quite different brand: it helps you getting the sound you want by making you a custom saxophone mouthpiece adapted to your sound and your playing style. So you have a unique mouthpiece made with a unique making process!. Syos mouthpieces are made thanks to 3D printing technology, a "french touch" innovation that has been awarded by the Best Paris innovation award 2018. Syos mouthpieces are non-toxic for mouth contact, are resistant and durable, and are available in 14 different colors (you can choose the one you want when you order). Meyer has a showroom to test mouthpieces. Syos also has a sound studio in his concept store in Paris, where you can test mouthpieces with Syos experts in acoustics that can help you towards your sound research.

Most popular Meyer mouthpieces & Syos alternatives

The most popular Meyer mouthpieces are:

Syos equivalent

Meyer 6 alto saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a hard rubber mouthpiece with medium chamber and a 6 tip opening (1,93 mm)

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Victor Raimondeau, tip opening 6


Syos equivalent

Meyer 7 alto saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a hard rubber mouthpiece with medium chamber and a 7 tip opening (2,05 mm)

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Victor Raimondeau, tip opening 6*


Syos equivalent

Meyer 7M tenor saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a hard rubber mouthpiece with medium chamber and a 7 tip opening (2,18 mm)

Syos signature Tenor mouthpiece Eddie Rich, tip opening 6*


With Syos, there is no standard models that have a defined geometry. There are an infinity of possibilities for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. There are also mouthpieces for less common saxophones such as sopranino, C-melody, and bass saxophone. You just have to fill a form on Syos website to precise what saxophone you play, what kind of sound you like, and choose one of the 14 available colors for your saxophone mouthpiece. When you receive the mouthpiece, you have 30 days to test it, with the possibility to ask for further adjustments on the mouthpiece design to get it even closer to what you need. Syos mouthpieces are delivered with their ligatures.

Meyer mouthpieces or Syos mouthpieces: how to choose?

The choice of a particular brand depends on each musician's preferences. Meyer mouthpieces are made with hard rubber, a material that most musicians like compared to steel or bronze. Syos mouthpieces are made with ABS polymer which is non-toxic and provide musician with a great comfort in the mouth.

Meyer and Syos are two famous high quality mouthpiece makers. Whereas the first one is an old traditionnal brand who has a hundred years expertise on mouthpieces, the second one is young and innovative, and brought science and acoustic studies in the instrument making world, to improve the quality of saxophone mouthpieces. Both will provide you with a very good sound quality, so between the tradition and the innovation, it's up to you!