Selmer mouthpiece or Syos mouthpiece?

For Selmer, music is a family story, a passion that is transmitted from father to son. A lot of Selmer generations have been in charge of military music orchestras. In 1885, Henri Selmer founded the Selmer company, specialized in selmer saxophones and saxophone mouthpieces making. It is still in activity today. At the opposite, Syos was created in 2016 and, while very new on the market, it already has a great reputation. thanks to its 100% custom saxophone mouthpieces. Selmer and Syos are both french companies that produces high-quality mouthpieces, so which one to choose?

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Selmer mouthpieces & Syos mouthpieces main characteristics

Selmer saxophone mouthpieces are crafted in a factory in France. They are machined on a turning machine, then in a CNC. The process includes handworking steps, and involves automatic controls of the shape. Selmer makes sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophone mouthpieces, mostly in hard rubber (and rarely in metal). Different models are available regarding the saxophone type. The most famous are:

  • S80 : the most famous Selmer mouthpiece considered as the Selmer reference. It is available for all saxophones.
  • Concept : this mouthpiece is the result of an upgrade in the making process. It's a classical mouthpiece with a rich tone and easy to play.
  • S90 : a universal mouthpiece model that can suit beginners as well as pro classical players.
  • Super Session : the only Selmer jazz mouthpiece.
  • Metal classic : Selmer metal mouthpiece.

There are several openings available for Selmer mouthpieces, identified by letters (B*, C, C*, C**, D, E, F et G).

With Syos, all is 100% custom. The two founders are both researchers in acoustic and want to provide musicians with saxophone mouthpieces that fit exactly all their expectations. For each musician request, the mouthpiece is different, and the customer service is personnalized. You fill a form on Syos website to precise what sound you are looking for, what is your favorite musical genre, what is your current setup... A Syos acoustic expert is available to help you to precise your need. This step defines the specifications of the unique mouthpiece that Syos will design for you. The mouthpiece is crafted by additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) with a 1/100th millimeter accuracy. With this process, you can also choose the color of your mouthpiece among 14 options. Syos only uses ABS polymer, a plastic material which is resistant, durable and healthy for mouth contact.

Syos also propose signature mouthpiece models for musician that don't want something custom. If you are a fan of a Syos artist, you can purchase the exact same model of saxophone mouthpiece he's playing, in the color and tip opening you prefer.

Most popular Selmer mouthpieces & Syos alternatives

The most popular Selmer mouthpieces are mostly used for classical music. Syos mouthpieces are more suitable for jazz and modern music (funk, rock, pop, ska...). The following alternatives are great for classical musicians that want a more jazzy sound while keeping the same sensations, playing comfort and technique as in classical music. The most popular Selmer mouthpieces are:

Syos equivalent

Selmer S90 170 alto sax mouthpiece

It corresponds to a hard rubber alto mouthpiece with a 1,40 mm opening

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Knoel Scott, tip opening 170


Syos equivalent

Selmer S90 180 bari sax mouthpiece

It corresponds to a hard rubber baritone mouthpiece with a 2,05 mm opening

Syos signature Baritone mouthpiece Knoel Scott, tip opening 205


Syos equivalent

Selmer S80 alto saxophone mouthpiece

It corresponds to a hard rubber mouthpiece with a 24mm table length and variable tip opening (from B* to G, which is 1,47 mm to 2,34 mm for alto saxophone)

Syos signature Alto mouthpiece Seun Kuti, tip opening 170


Main characteristics of Selmer metal mouthpieces and Syos plastic mouthpieces

Two different lines of metal mouthpieces are made at Selmer: the Metal Classic for alto, soprano and tenor sax, and the Metal Jazz for alto saxophone. Due to their chamber and baffle shapes, these mouthpieces have a brighter sound, and are quite easy to play. The comfort of the metal in the mouth is not always good, especially when it's cold. These mouthpieces have a good durability.

Syos plastic mouthpieces also have very high acoustic qualities, and are made in a non-toxic material. Both resistant and durable, ABS polymer can be colored for a visual customization of the mouthpieces (14 colors are available for the musician). The ABS feeling in the mouth is very good in all temperatures. The additive manufacturing process (a.k.a 3D printing) multiplies the different possibilities for mouthpiece shapes and designs.

Syos and Selmer have both excellent quality products on the saxophone mouthpieces market. While Selmer is more in the traditionnal classical mouthpieces, Syos is a youger brand that makes mouthpieces for jazz and modern music, based on science and technology. Between the tradition and the innovation, it's up to you!