Jeff Coffin Signature Bass Clarinet mouthpiece

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Jeff Coffin Signature Bass Clarinet mouthpiece by Syos

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Tip opening
Straight baffle
Trapezoidal chamber


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Over 60% of our customers choose the Syos ligature. Other popular choices include Rovner, BG and Vandoren.

Words from the artist

Jeff Coffin

My Syos Bass Clarinet mouthpiece is versatile, it speaks quickly, it cuts, but it has a nice organic sound with lots of overtones.

Jeff Coffin is a globally celebrated saxophonist, composer, educator, producer, and has been a member of the legendary and iconic American rock group, Dave Matthews Band since 2008. You may also recognize him from his 14 years, and 3 Grammy Awards, with the genre-defying Bela Fleck & the Flecktones. Coffin is known for his continued and passionate dedication to the expansion of improvisational music and music education. He is considered by many to be one of the top, in demand saxophonists in the world as well as a first call studio musician in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has lived since 1991. Jeff also teaches at the prestigious Vanderbilt University, leads his own groups, has written numerous books, presents clinics around the world, and runs his music label, Ear Up Record. And his mom says he has a very cool beard.