Shabaka Hutchings bass clarinet mouthpiece

    8  (0.087 in / 2.20 mm)
    Tip opening
    Step baffle
    Rectangular chamber


    6.5 / 10


    8.0 / 10

    Bass clarinet mouthpiece
    Bass clarinet mouthpiece
    Shabaka Hutchings bass clarinet mouthpiece

    This mouthpiece is available in a 8 tip opening, which is 0.087 inches and 2.20 mm.

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    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

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    Made in France

    Shabaka Hutchings

    My Syos mouthpiece stays consistent in all registers of the bass clarinet. It blows freely and produces a thick sound, conducive to sound exploration.

    Shabaka Hutchings was born in 1984 in London. As part of the Caribbean diaspora, he sees his role as that of pushing the boundaries of what musical elements are considered to be Caribbean. Constantly evaluating the nature of his relationship with musical material and tradition. Shabaka continues to sit outside the box, interested in the undefinable gaps and going beyond jazz. To date, Hutchings has released to critical aclaim 7 studio albums and 2 EPs, alongside featuring on several other albums with highly respected artists. Currently signed to the iconic Impulse! record label.

    The artist’s setup

    Buffet Crampon Tosca

    D’Addario Reserve 2.0