Chad Lefkowitz-Brown saxophone mouthpiece

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    Chad Lefkowitz-Brown tenor saxophone mouthpiece
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    Chad Lefkowitz-Brown plays with a 8* tip opening.

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    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

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    Sound Shaper Comment

    A perfect mouthpiece for musicians who like to have some brightness, with flexibility and power. Easy to blow, and very good access to the altissimo!

    Charlie V.

    "fell comfortable in any playing situation"
    "My Syos mouthpiece gives me the sound I've wanted my entire career! The response, flexibility and power allows me to feel comfortable in any playing situation, live and in the studio..."

    Guy D.

    Easy to play and great sound
    When I first placed the MP on my lips it felt like I always had the mouthpiece. The sound was great and easy to play. I could not believe how this MP played. I love my mouthpiece and I love that I don't have to search anymore, I found the jewel that I was looking for at a reasonable price.

    Brian C.

    Beautiful works of art!
    I ordered a mouthpiece for my tenor and was so pleased I ordered another one for my alto. I live on the East Coast of Canada ... 2 weeks from the time I confirmed my order to the time I had each mouth piece in my eager hands. A great experience from start to finish!

    Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

    My Syos mouthpiece helps give my sound tons of power and a thick core. It’s always super easy to play and helps me articulate clearly, even on fast lines!

    Hailed as a "sax phenom" by The New York Daily News, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown is one of the first prominent jazz musicians to emerge out of the millennial generation. He has toured globally as a soloist, and with numerous jazz artists and pop icons ranging from Arturo O’Farrill to Taylor Swift. Chad is also a member of the multi-Grammy award winning Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, and he is on faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory as a visiting artist. Downbeat Magazine selected his latest release, “Onward” as an Editor’s Pick for 2017, commending his “technical abilities that mask the difficulty of his wondrously intricate lines.”

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