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    Dan Forshaw

    You can choose the color and the mouthpiece tip opening.

    My Syos mouthpiece is incredibly free blowing, with flawless intonation. Each note I want to play just arrives with such ease, colour and shape. I'm thrilled that the search for the perfect mouthpiece seems to be at an end.
    Step Baffle
    Large chamber

    You can choose the color and the mouthpiece tip opening.


    Dan Forshaw is one of the most influential Vloggers in the world of the saxophone. A superb communicator with an infectious passion for music, Dan’s ability to captivate audiences with his performances has led him to perform all over the world with ensembles ranging from jazz quartet’s to classical cathedral choirs. Forshaw is one of the UK’s leading experts on the legendary saxophonist, John Coltrane and has had a number of articles published on John Coltrane’s music & theology. Tim Price, Professor of saxophone in New York and a former teacher of Dan said, ‘Dan has reached a strong level of musicality, depth and technique that very few players have….he is a breath of fresh air, ‘hear him!’