Jure Pukl saxophone mouthpiece

    Rollover baffle
    Extra nano chamber


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    8.2 / 10

    Tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Jure Pukl tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Change the tip opening

    Jure Pukl plays with a 9 tip opening.

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    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

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    Made in France

    Jure Pukl

    My mouthpiece gives a great sound quality, focus, is easy blowing, has a fast response. I like how it is even and flexible over all octaves.

    Jure Pukl was awarded highest national award for contribution to Arts in Slovenia (Nagrada Prešernovega sklada 2015) and is one of the most profilic and creative saxophonists of the younger Slovene jazz generation. Pukl obtained university education abroad and studied classical and jazz saxophone at the University in Vienna as well as at the Haag Conservatory of Music. Pukl then won a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music, where he pursued his studies with masters such as Joe Lovano and George Garzone. He completed his masters degree in music at the Graz Academy of Music.

    The artist’s setup

    Selmer Mark VI

    Hemke 3