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    Lorenzo Ferrero tenor saxophone mouthpiece

    Step baffle
    Small chamber


    3.7 / 10


    4.2 / 10

    Tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Lorenzo Ferrero tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Change the tip opening

    Lorenzo Ferrero plays with a 9* tip opening.

    9*  (0.125 inches / 3.19 mm)
    Choose your color

    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

    5% of the sales will be given to the artist.

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    Made in France

    Lorenzo Ferrero

    My Syos mouthpiece gives me a warm, deep and velvety sound, that is perfectly balanced throughout all registers, while giving me great projection and that punch and edginess when needed.

    Lorenzo Ferrero is a renowned saxophonist, composer, arranger and educator. He has worked alongside some of the most talented in the entertainment business; performing, arranging and producing music in several film productions for acclaimed film composers Christopher Young, Thomas Chase Jones and Federico Jusid, among others. His latest film and TV credits include Detroit (2017), Ola de Crimenes (2018), and most recently, High Seas (2019) for Netflix. Lorenzo continues to expand his career as an artist, sharing the stage and touring with world renowned artist such as Alex Acuña, Nestor Torres, Otmaro Ruiz, Oscar Stagnaro, salsa legends Gilberto Santa Rosa and Luis Enrique, Mexican pop star Cristian Castro and Persian legends Googoosh and Martik, among others.