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    Michael Wilbur saxophone mouthpiece

    Step baffle
    Medium chamber


    5.7 / 10


    7.5 / 10

    Tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Michael Wilbur tenor saxophone mouthpiece
    Change the tip opening

    Michael Wilbur plays with a 9 tip opening.

    Choose your color

    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

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    2-year guarantee
    Made in France

    Nicholas O.

    "The sound, intonation and projection of the mouthpiece is just what I’m looking for"
    After listening to SYOS artists and picking the style I thought was right, I was really excited to find the Michael Wilbur mouthpiece. The sound, intonation and projection of the mouthpiece is just what I’m looking for when playing in a variety of settings.

    Doron S.

    "Powerful with just enough darkness"
    Great mouthpiece, free blowing, powerful, and with just enough darkness, exactly as I expected it to be when I ordered it.

    Daniel K.

    "Soft and warm tone"
    I am very happy with my mouthpiece. It plays effortlessly and is very powerful at the same time. For me, it sits in the sweet spot between being able to play with a soft and warm tone (but not too dark) and 'gritty' with lots of power. This was exactly what I was looking for.

    Michael Wilbur

    I love my Syos piece. It’s kind of scary how accurate and precise this thing is from top to bottom.

    Michael Wilbur is a saxophone alien. He's part of the completely crazy Moon Hooch trio (two saxophones and a drum). You will never hear something like that since they don't follow any rule (in a way that they even got kicked out from New York subway with too many people dancing around them!). Their music, which mixes free jazz, dubstep and hip-hop will make you move!

    The artist’s setup

    Yamaha 82z

    Boston Sax Shop 3.5

    Boston Sax Shop