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    Renan Richard soprano saxophone mouthpiece

    Circular baffle
    Large chamber


    3.5 / 10


    5.5 / 10

    Soprano saxophone mouthpiece
    Soprano saxophone mouthpiece
    Renan Richard soprano saxophone mouthpiece
    Change the tip opening

    Renan Richard plays with a 8 tip opening.

    8  (0.080 in / 2.03 mm)
    Choose your color

    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

    5% of the sales will be given to the artist.

    Money-back guarantee
    30-day trial
    2-year guarantee
    Made in France

    Alfred W.

    "Richer harmonicse"
    That soprano mouthpiece has been a joy to work with. I feel as if I'm hearing richer harmonics and a fatter tone out of my mid-seventies Selmer Mark 6 than I've ever heard.

    Renan Richard

    My Syos mouthpiece has all the characteristics that allow me to explore the particular world of the soprano saxophone. Its flexibility, its homogeneity and its dynamic extend have soon convinced me.

    Renan is born in a family of musiciens and begin very early to learn music. He study first with Oboe and guitar in the school of Thiais, then he begin to learn jazz and saxophone when he start his studies in musicology. After his degree in musicology and his certification from the CRR (Paris conservatory), he becomes saxophone teacher in Chevilly-Larue conservatory. Renan is an active member of Paris jazz scene: he plays in Danny Buckton Trio, Bissap Sextet, Ornicar, La cinquième Roue and Electric Struggle. Multi-instrumentist and always curious, he melt in each of the sound aesthetics he met in these different bands, always looking for new styles and self improvment.

    The artist’s setup

    Selmer Mark VI

    Frederik Hemke 3

    Selmer Classic