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    Saxl Rose alto saxophone mouthpiece

    Tip opening
    Curved baffle
    Medium chamber


    7.5 / 10


    8.2 / 10

    Alto saxophone mouthpiece
    Alto saxophone mouthpiece
    Saxl Rose alto saxophone mouthpiece
    Change the tip opening
    7*  (0.090 inches / 2.28 mm)
    Choose your color

    The mouthpiece is shipped with a ligature of the same color and a mouthpiece cap.

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    Brian S.

    I love my SYOS mouthpiece! SYOS gets that one mouthpiece does not fit all players, and instead focuses on maximizing each player's individual sound to the fullest! I've bought two, one Alto and one Tenor, and I doubt I'll stop there!

    Saxl Rose

    My Syos mouthpiece gives me the perfect combination of brightness and power. Never before have I had a mouthpiece that really allows me to reach the full potential of the exact sound I’ve been searching for!

    Antonio Hancock, known professionally as Saxl Rose, is an American musician, songwriter, recording artist and producer. Really active on the new Pop Rock scene, he is playing with famous bands such as Paramore or Neck Deep.