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    Sylvain Rifflet

    It's beautiful! It's blue! It does a unique sound, precise and with a perfect intonation on all the register. And it stays warm.
    Circular Baffle
    Medium chamber
    Abyssal blue tenor saxophone mouthpieceAbyssal blue tenor saxophone ligature

    You can choose the color and the mouthpiece tip opening.


    French musician living in Paris, his main instruments are tenor saxophone and clarinet. He also plays flutes and toy instruments such as music box, toy piano and metalophone. He studied saxophone with Pascal Dupont, Michel Goldberg and Philippe Portejoie. Graduted from Paris conservatory, he has played in many french and european big-bands: Le Gros Cube (Alban Darche), Le Sacre du Tympan (Fred Pallem), Pandemonium (F.Jeanneau) etc …