Originals Smoky mouthpiece for Soprano Saxophone

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Smoky soprano saxophone mouthpiece

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The Smoky Soprano mouthpiece provides a warm, round sound while maintaining good power and projection with its extra-large chamber and curved baffle.

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You are free to try your new saxophone mouthpiece for 30 days after receiving it. Should you not be satisfied, you may return the mouthpiece and exchange it or ask for a full refund.
What ligature for my new Syos?
Over 60% of our customers choose the Syos ligature. Other popular choices include Rovner, BG and Vandoren.

Customer reviews

Nicolas F.

Beginner at soprano saxophone. I chose a mouthpiece - Smoky - 6. The sound is very smooth and comes out easily. The after sales service is very responsive and friendly.

Melanie J.

The mouthpiece I play has a very nice sound and very good intonation. The tone is stable and the mouthpiece is very responsive. For Soprano Sax it is difficult to get big chamber mouthpieces for a comparable price. There is no comparable product on the market. Potential: If available I would prefer a more polished surface especially at the table. The bottom part could be longer to better fit on the cork.

Pierre L.

The Syos mouthpiece improves the sound and the dexterity to a very satisfactory degree. It is a joy to play because the difficulties of reaching the high notes disappear.

Michel Devroey

Once I found the right reeds and after some time getting used to it sounds awesome and plays easy from bottom to top !

Harold Berg

innovative work of art, très elegant, a pleasure to play on my sax

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