Robert Martin Signature Tenor Saxophone mouthpiece

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Robert Martin plays a Syos saxophone mouthpiece

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Curved baffle
Extra large chamber


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You are free to try your new saxophone mouthpiece for 30 days upon receiving it. Should you not be satisfied, you may return the mouthpiece and exchange it or ask for a full refund.
What ligature for my new Syos?
Over 60% of our customers choose the Syos ligature. Other popular choices include Rovner, BG and Vandoren.

Words from the artist

Robert Martin

Creating this signature series mouthpiece was a profoundly rewarding experience. If you love fat, muscular “Texas tenor,” this is a must try.

The history of Robert’s ongoing career weaves in and out of the very fabric and history of Rock ’N’ Roll, Pop and Jazz, including working with Hall Of Fame inductees and icons who changed the face of music, like Frank Zappa, Paul McCartney, Prince, The Moody Blues, and Etta James (on tour with the Rolling Stones), to name a few.

The artist’s setup

Forestone RX Unlacquered

Fiberreed Hemp Medium


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