The Syos mouthpiece engraving design competition is back!

Participate in this competition to win a custom mouthpiece and see your creation added to our collection!

From the geometry of the chamber to the shape of the baffle, from the flashiness of the colors to the slick design etched on the outside, customization is at the very heart of the Syos experience. Now you can be a part of it too.

The first Syos design contest we held two years ago was met with hundreds of original submissions. Two designs made the final cut and were put to a community vote to pick a winner!

The Wind design won and was added to our catalog of engravings for all to enjoy... Now it's your time to shine!

This year's winner gets a custom Syos mouthpiece engraved with their very own design, which will be added to our collection.

The competition runs from April 7 to 14, 2021!

How to participate:

  1. Download this template: Syos design template.

This is a tenor outline but we can easily scale your design to fit every type of saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece.

  1. Fill in the blank and name your design

The template is an empty canvas for you to draw on. No need to bother with colors, stick to black and white and don't forget to name your work!

Please note that trademarked logos of other brands won't be reviewed. Check our designs collection for inspiration.

  1. Send us your design and share it to your socials

Click the button below to send us your design and share it to Facebook or Instagram with #syosdesign to complete your entry!

Send your design here

Your entry should look like this:

Name: "Pineapple" Design

Ours is basic, you can do infinitely better! Whether drawn by hand or computer, your design is completely up to you.

The Syos staff will pick their two favorite designs and put them to a community vote for the Grand Finale!

Small tips to win big:

  • Create something cool!
  • Create something doable: patterns and details that are to small and intricate will be impossible to print!
  • Do not use registered trademarks, only original or copyright-free content.

How the Grand Finale works:

Our 3D designer will print out the two final designs so they can be photographed and put to a vote on Instagram and Facebook. The design with the most votes will be declared the winner!

Submit your design


Regulatory aspects

*The contest is free and does not require making a purchase. By participating in the contest, you waive all authorship rights on the design submitted and allow Syos to use it for the benefit of mouthpieces and customers alike.

*Only 1 entry per person, naturally!