FAQ: Get 50% off your second Signature mouthpiece with TWO

From March 15 to 22, when you buy a Signature mouthpiece for saxophone or clarinet, you save 50% on a second Signature model of your choice with promo code SYOSDUO. This is the perfect opportunity to try out mouthpieces with very different acoustic properties, to experiment with original combinations or to equip your different types of saxophones and clarinets with brand new mouthpieces for less. This special FAQ answers all your questions!

How do I get the discount?

Add any two Signature mouthpieces to your basket and enter SYOSDUO in the discount code field at checkout to enjoy an immediate 50% discount on your second Signature mouthpiece.

Are the mouthpieces refundable and/or exchangeable?

Yes. Our generous return and exchange policy also applies here. If one of your mouthpieces does not meet your expectations, you may return it for exchange or refund within your 30 day trial period. In the case of a refund for a single mouthpiece, the amount of the discounted item will be refunded to you. We will refund the full amount of your purchase if you return both mouthpieces.

Can I buy the same mouthpiece in two different openings?

Yes. This offer is an opportunity to experiment with as few restrictions as possible. You are free to order the same mouthpiece in two different openings to evaluate your playing comfort and then return the less suitable model.

Can I pair a saxophone mouthpiece with a clarinet one?

Yes, you are free to pair a Signature clarinet mouthpiece with a saxophone one. There are zero restrictions as long as you stick to the Syos Signature collection.

Does the discount apply to custom models?

No. This offer only applies to the Signature line of products. It is not possible to get the discount when you combine a custom mouthpiece with a Signature mouthpiece.

Does the discount apply to accessories?

No. Discount code only works for two mouthpieces from the Signature collection.