How to get the limited edition Syos Reed Holder

With a slick design fitting 4 reeds, the limited edition Syos Reed Holder is the essential accessory you don't want to miss!

It will be yours for any purchase over $50 (excl. VAT). You will receive the reed holder in a random color as a gift with your order. Simply enter one the following codes at checkout:

  • REEDH_S : Small reed holder for Soprano Saxophone
  • REEDH_M : Medium reed holder for Alto Saxophone & Bb Clarinet
  • REEDH_L : Large reed holder for Tenor, Baritone Saxophone & Bass Clarinet

Our August special offer is valid within the limit of available stocks, so don't waste a minute! Thanks to Arcane reeds, Syos accessories and our extensive catalog of mouthpieces, the $50 mark is easy to break.

To best protect your reeds, our limited edition reed holder features:

  • an opening on the side of the reed tip for optimal ventilation and drying
  • grooves to keep the reed flat on both sides
  • a design that is durable and fits right in the pocket


The reed holders works with all natural reeds and most synthetic!

*Please note that in case of a refund, you will be asked to return the reed holder with the mouthpiece.